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About Us

Just Juice

The Mission

To be a social and community driven organisation by initiating a drive to change the community from soda based aerated drinks to just Fresh, Natural, NO added sugar and NO preservative-JUST JUICE, a healthier choice, made from highest quality of sourced fruits and vegetables.


A Simple Story

OMJOOS was born out of a true passion. Passion to offer people a choice which is beyond the best, tastiest and most hygienic. For far too long, we’ve all been consuming food and beverages containing- chemicals, artificial sugars and pesticides. Because of their plentiful availability across numerous distribution channels, and an impression that these are a mark of purity and health, we have conveniently ignored the fact that the preservatives to prolong their shelf life has done no good to us. We knew we needed to create a naturally tasty alternative that is a must have for people of all age groups.

We Do Seasonal Sourcing

Seasonal Sourcing

The OMJOOS approach to sourcing is a refreshingly seasonal one. We find our fruits and vegetables from all over the world – depending on availability and time of year. Exotic varieties of select fruits are imported from Australia, Egypt, California, Morocco. The key for us is quality, and the team keeps travelling high and low in search of quality fruits and vegetables.Find out more about our process.

Partnerships with Local Farmers

Local Partners

We select only the finest fruits and vegetables for our juices. And we’re all about people, and good quality. We form meaningful partnerships with local farmers, women co-operatives across the country and work with them closely, so that we can make sure that we’re putting only the best of the best into OMJOOS bottles.

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