OMJOOS is currently delivering only in Delhi & NCR


To place your order by Phone or WhatsApp @ +91 9999060475



All about JOOS

  • Where is OMJOOS available and how can one get it?

    OMJOOS is available on subscription and on call. You have to login to our website and subscribe to become our member. You will be then prompted to select your preferences from two categories: Individual Juices and Mixed Juices. Once selection is done and delivery date is scheduled, you will be directed to the payment gateway. OMJOOS can also be ordered through our number +91-9999060475.

  • Where is the production facility?

  • Who prepares the juices?

  • How is it different from other cold pressed juices?

  • How to contact OMJOOS?

  • Why is it important to consume OMJOOS the same day?

  • Why glass bottle?

  • How is OMJOOS value for money?

  • Why OMJOOS over other juices?

  • Where does your produce come from?

  • Can your juices be used as a meal replacement or for Juicing or Detox diets?

  • Your juice seems to settle down and separates. Is it something to be worried?

  • Can I freeze the OMJOOS juices?

  • Is there a minimum I have to order to avail OMJOOS membership benefits?

  • Is OMJOOS delivered all seven days?

  • Can I buy a single bottle?

  • What inspired us to set up this chemical-free juice brand?

  • What is the shelf-life of OMJOOS cold-pressed juices?

  • How OMJOOS is the best cold-pressed juice brand in the town?

All about Cold-Pressed

  • What is the difference between cold-pressed, packaged and home-made juices?

  • Are fruit juices bad because it’s full of sugar?

  • Do the juices undergo HPP technique?

  • What are the ingredients used in the juice?

All about Payment and Delivery

  • What are the payment options available?

  • When do I need to make the payment?

  • Can I give the empty bottles to the delivery person?

  • How do I know that my juices are spoilt?

  • Are the juices still fresh upon delivery?

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