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How We Press

Only Fresh Ingredients Are Cold Pressed

Giving You Tastiest, Delightful Liquid Fruit in high quality food grade glass bottle

How to Cold Press Juice How we Press
  • We Source

    We Source

    We work closely with growers from major agricultural states in the country to procure high quality fruits. Our sourcing team travels far and wide covering hills to plain in search of growers adopting sustainable methods of cultivation. We constantly evaluate our processes and supply chain to make sure that the best (and most natural) fruit and vegetables are available to give you freshest, tastiest and nutrient rich juice. We also source exotic varieties of fruits from Morocco, Israel, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand.

  • We Clean

    We Clean

    High standards of cleanliness are integral to us. We clean, peel and thaw all of our fruit and vegetables to make sure that they meet high standards of hygiene. Raw produce is washed with RO water in washers made of food grade 304 stainless steel. This removes most of the dirt, outer wax and makes the fruits and vegetables spotless. Cleaned fruits are stored in vacuum containers to avoid any contamination.

  • Well Storage


    To ensure our products remain fresh and full of natural goodness, we keep stock only for seven days. These are well refrigerated and stocked in our cold storage facility along with date of purchase to make sure we finish the stock within seven days. Each fruit and vegetable is handled with gloves on and only dedicated resources can enter the cold room ensuring utmost hygienic environment.

  • We Coldpress

    We Coldpress

    Our dedicated team of pressers then uses high capacity, whole slow juicers imported from the US to prepare juices only few hours before the scheduled delivery time. This ensures our juices reach you absolutely fresh. We press and handpress our juice retaining maximum goodness of the fruits and vegetables. Seeds are carefully taken out from citrus fruits so that you get the perfect taste. Our fruits and vegetables are prepared on food grade 304 stainless steel tables. Every team member contributes to the workplace hygiene by using gloves, masks and caps. We believe in consuming juices as soon as it is pressed, so heat pasteurization is not OMJOOS style.

  • We Check Quality and Taste

    We Check

    To ensure quality, fruits and vegetable samples from each lot are tested in FSSAI accredited laboratories. Only those growers are on board whose products pass the lab test. We only use products in which residue content is minimal and within permissible limits as per government norms. Our expert tasters then taste each sample from the batch before it is poured in the bottles making sure everything is as fresh as you want it to be. It then goes for the final sealing and handed over to the delivery team.

  • We Deliver

    We Deliver

    Our juice leaves directly from our unit every morning straight to your doorstep, making sure the time gap doesn't damage the product. Juices are stored in certified food grade glass bottles & placed in insulated containers with dry ice, to keep their freshness intact during the journey. We have team of bikers for speed delivery on daily basis and OMJOOS Van on invitation for corporate events, parties, fests etc.

How OMJOOS is different

The OMJOOS Difference

Our juices are never heat pasteurised or cooked as we believe the process destroys vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes. Instead we serve fresh and cold-press our juices only on order to protect the nutrients and natural flavor.

Get happier when you see our juices separate in the bottle or thick pulp accumulation at the bottom. Worry only from the juices which do not separate or settles down. Separation is the sign of complete purity that we are committed to offer at OMJOOS. The juicy goodness at the bottom of your bottle is where you’ll get all of the everyday essential nutrients and loads of fiber you need.

Our team of passionate cold pressers, dedicated to cutting and deseeding each fruit, is what really makes all the difference in taste.


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