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Replace Soft Drinks With Healthy Cold-Pressed Juice-banner
Posted: 12 Mar 2018 By: Rashi Chaudhary

It's Time To Replace Soft Drinks With Healthy Cold-Pressed Juice

Soft drinks are carbonated beverages that are high in sugar and artificial flavoring. This high sugar content and harmful chemicals produce some harsh and negative effects on the body. Despite this, soft drinks are still being consumed at a high rate because many people are not aware of the healthy alternatives they can drink.

It’s high time to make the switch to a healthier alternative that is tasty, refreshing and healthy, and there is nothing better than cold-pressed juice.

First, Take a Look of How Damaging These Soft Drinks Are:

  1. Soft drinks contain a high amount of sugar that adds up to unwanted calories and obesity.
  2. They have absolutely zero nutritional value and also contain harmful chemicals.
  3. High sugar content can lead to diabetes, asthma, bone loss, tooth decay, heart, liver or kidney diseases and cancer.
  4. Soft drinks contain a high amount of phosphoric acid, whose consumption on a regular basis can lead to an increased risk of bone fractures or Osteoporosis due to a calcium and phosphate imbalance.
  5. The consumption of soft drinks should be strictly prohibited for children, as they contain three times the daily recommended sugar intake.
  6. Soft drinks slow down the metabolism and destroy fat burning enzymes.
  7. The high pH level and sugar content in soft drinks is one of the biggest factors that lead to tooth decay.
  8. Even if you go for diet coke that has zero calories, you are still ingesting harmful artificial sweeteners like Saccharin and Sucralose, that are bad for the reproductive system of both men and women and decrease the chances of pregnancy and reduce sperm count.
  9. The plastic bottles and aluminum cans used for soft drinks packaging are also loaded with harmful chemicals that can disturb hormones.
  10. Artificial colors found in soft drinks, such as brown and orange, can lead to different types of cancers, such as lung, liver, bone or blood.

The Healthy Alternative

Nature has given us many tasty, healthy and refreshing fruits that are rich in natural color, nutrition, enzymes and seasonal goodness. When it comes to drinking, there is nothing better than natural fruit extract that is 100% pure and natural, and comes in the form of cold-pressed juice.

To help you understand why cold-pressed juice is better than normal juice, you have to realize that the technology used in cold-pressed juice is far more advanced than centrifugal techniques (the technique used in normal juice).

Click here to understand the difference between cold-pressed and centrifugal juice

Here Is a Quick Overview of the Goodness of Cold-Pressed Juice:

  1. Cold-pressed juice is the true alternative of consuming fruits in their raw form.
  2. The juice is extracted without generating heat or oxidation, keeping the natural fruit enzymes alive and intact.
  3. This technique can effectively take out juice from leafy vegetables and herbs as well.
  4. This technique also delivers 100% pure fruit juice without any air or froth.
  5. Cold-pressed juice is rich in pulp, fiber and essential nutrients.
  6. It is also fuller and appeases sweet cravings better than soft drinks.
  7. Cold-pressed juice has a longer shelf life, up to 3-4 days if refrigerated under recommended temperature, and makes it suitable for storing.

OMJOOS has taken a new initiative with the determination to make a positive change in the mindset of people toward health awareness by providing them with more natural, chemical free and healthy drinking alternatives.

OMJOOS comes in many forms of cold-pressed juice, including both individual and mixed juices, such as mandarin, carrot, mixed berry, green apple and kiwi, etc., and all products are made from high-quality fruits and vegetables that are sourced fresh directly from the farms.

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