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OMJOOS Visits the Shiv Nadar School-banner
Posted: 06 Aug 2018 By: Admin

OMJOOS Visits the Shiv Nadar School to Promote Healthy Drinking Habits Amongst Children

Noida, July, 2018 – OMJOOS, the fresh, cold-pressed juice making company based in India, visited the Shiv Nadar School in Noida recently to share the many benefits of adopting healthy drinking habits amongst children and their parents. What started out as a parent-teacher meeting turned into a health-filled event that taught India’s future they have healthy and delicious alternatives to soda.

With the vision of creating and expanding awareness of healthy eating and drinking habits amongst children and their parents, and with the permission of the school’s esteemed management, OMJOOS took the initiative to visit the Shiv Nadar School in Noida for a parent-teacher meeting on July 28, 2018.

OMJOOS successfully fulfilled its mission to provide a healthy alternative to soda and other aerated drinks, especially to children who are prone to turn toward soft drinks because of fancy commercials filled with celebrities.

We are proud to have been given an opportunity to play a key role in shaping the health of our future generations. We are all the more excited to see their parents appreciate the wonderful taste of our freshly made cold-pressed juice as well.

The school management, teachers, students and their parents all showed tremendous interest in wanting to know more about cold-pressed juice. Parents acknowledged the importance of healthy drinking habits for children for a brighter future and accepted that staying aware and informed can help them by giving them only the best for their future.

One of the kid’s mother said: “We all, somewhere, know the harms that nasty soda chemicals do to our bodies, but we still have them because of the taste and lack of availability of healthy alternatives. OMJOOS has filled that gap with a tasty alternative that can’t be healthier than it is. Most importantly, it is all-natural and cold-pressed. I would love to give it to my child every day.” – Roli Jain

Another parent said – “I have never thought that bottle-packed juice can also be so fresh, tasty and healthy without adding preservatives or sweeteners. The juice taste is just amazing. Thanks to OMJOOS for introducing us to healthy cold-pressed juice.” – Anshul Mathur

An OMJOOS representative said – “We are glad to have a responsibility to share the significance of healthy drinking habits with future generations. Also, there can be nothing better for them than aware and informed parents, and we have, to some extent, brought that awareness in for them.” – Himani Maheshwari

The event turned out to be excellent for both parties. On one hand, OMJOOS successfully conveyed its mission and increased awareness for healthy drinking habits; on the other hand, kids and their parents have a healthy drinking alternative than soda and other aerated drinks.

Visit www.omjoos.com for more details about the company. OMJOOS is also open to taking invitations or orders for similar events in order to let people taste and feel the goodness of pure healthy juice themselves.

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