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OMJOOS Announces the Launch of E-Commerce Website-banner
Posted: 10 Aug 2018 By: Admin

OMJOOS Announces the Launch of E-Commerce Website

Noida, August, 2018: Getting freshest juice from the convenience of your home or office is easier now. OMJOOS, a freshly made cold pressed juice brand has recently announced its foray into e-commerce by starting its own online store. The feature has been added to allow customers across Delhi-NCR to just browse, choose and shop their favourite freshly made cold-pressed juices from anywhere.

OMJOOS offers a wide range of fresh cold-pressed juices including both mixed and individual variants such as Pomegranate, Mandarin, Pineapple, Berry Mix, and Green Mix among many others. We have a variety of flavors to satisfy the requirements of different age groups including the kids and the elderly. People can enjoy these freshest, tastiest, made to order, untouched and unprocessed juices in the comfort of their homes or offices anytime.

“Online mechanism aims to provide convenient and efficient options to our partners in just four simple steps giving them the choice of juices made from whole fruits only with no additives. Not going to brick and mortar format is a conscious decision as we are providing Made to Order fresh juices with no added sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial colour. Therefore, we cannot keep our products on the shelves of retails stores. Being fresh comes with great challenges and we are working on creating our own market of aware consumers who value freshness and quality over artificial sweeteners and added flavours”, said Madhu Gautam, representative at OMJOOS.

The fresh juices are extracted with high precision. The high-quality fruits are hand-picked, de-seeded, cold-pressed, and tasted to make sure that the customers get 100% satisfaction with taste, freshness retaining the health benefits. We juice only twice a day and deliver in three slots – morning, afternoon and evening offering freshness in every bottle, explained Gautam

The OMJOOS website is easy to navigate which allows consumers to locate their favorite juices on the product page. The added feature of shopping from the website will further enhance the whole shopping experience for partners by increasing the ease of getting juices delivered at home and decreasing the shopping time.

Furthermore, OMJOOS plans to create its own loyal consumers based on the online and offline subscription model offering a variety of benefits to the members. “We are working on strengthening our team of dedicated cold-pressers and de-seeders to increase the production capacity this year. We are also introducing a new washing technology using ultrasonic and ozone to ensure fruits and vegetables are cleaned properly to give the consumer’s health and taste in every sip”, added Gautam.

Keep enjoying the taste of health with OMJOOS.

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