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Posted: 04 Feb 2019 By: Rashi Chaudhary

How To Fit Nutrition Into A Busy Schedule

Long hours, deadlines, recurring meetings and tiring travel don’t allow much time for thinking about health, yet we forget how easy it is to take full control of our health with some simple rules. Before we continue, remember that everything takes time and maintenance to work properly, and this is even more important to remember today, as we’ll be talking about your health. That being said, all you have to do is follow these simple diet and exercise rules to stay energized and avoid future health complications.

1. Eat Breakfast

An energized day can’t begin without a healthy breakfast. It’s the meal whose nutrition gives you the energy needed to get a good start, and keeping it healthy will be even better. Just make sure to include as many vital nutrients so you stay nourished throughout the day.

For example, include things like fresh fruit and juice, nuts, oats, whole wheat bread, cereals, yogurt, etc. to keep a healthy level supply of vitamins, minerals, fiber and everything else.

2. Include Fresh Juice in Your Diet

Drinking fresh, cold-pressed juice is an easy way to maintain a healthy supply of nutrients for the body. Busy schedules hardly give us the time to cut and chop fresh fruits and vegetables, and consuming cold-pressed juice provides an excellent alternative because they are made from high-quality fruits and vegetables that provide a high dose of nutrition to the body.

3. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods have a high amount of sugar, salt, sodium, bad fats and calories, and combining them with long working and sitting hours creates the foundation for overweight bodies that further lead to a sluggish and dull lifestyle.

Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, eat raw, eat fresh and eat natural. Replace your processed snacks with sliced fruits and vegetables. Drink a bottle of fresh cold-pressed juice in the morning instead of a mug full of coffee. Whatever you do, just make sure to avoid processed foods.

4. Drink Water

Many drink more coffee than water in the average day. Sure, coffee has water, but the combination increases risks of blood sugar irregularities. Water, on the other hand, has the opposite effect and will help you feel energized and fuller throughout the day, and will even improve your digestion. Moving forward, make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day to stay healthy inside and out.

5. Carry Healthy Snacks

Always carry homemade healthy snacks like sliced fruits and vegetables, or a bottle of fresh, cold-pressed juice that helps you avoid eating processed or fast food as you go about your day. You’ll soon notice the difference a simple replacement can do to improve your overall health and weight management.

6. Shop Wisely

Pay a little more attention while shopping for food. Instead of buying processed that are high in salt and sodium, go for healthy alternatives like fresh juice, natural yogurt, nuts, fruit, makhana, etc. These are all easy to carry, tasty and filled with many health benefits.

7. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

No matter what official or unofficial parties you’re attending, limit your alcohol consumption. Not only is it a bad addiction that can make you dependent on it, but it also leads to several health issues like liver damage, heart complications, and dizziness.

8. Utilize Your Weekends

Preparing dinner after getting home late at night is tiring. Make it easier by doing everything in advance, during the weekend. Additionally, make sure to plan your week ahead in advance so you’re not caught hungry mid-week, with no healthy snack or meal on-hand.

9. Go for Whole Grains

Nowadays, almost all packaged items are available in a whole grain version. Choose these over items made from processed white flour.

Final Thoughts

Take some time and think about your priorities. Surely health will be one of them, and if it’s not, you’ll realize how important it is to stay healthy by eating healthy. Just remember to think positive, stay happy and be a little mindful.

Good luck!

User Comments

Nupur says:
02 Mar 2021 10:07:50 AM
Great piece of information. Except for the "include fresh juice" part, I believe all points are extremely relevant. Even with juice, I feel that fruits are high in natural sugar, and instead of drinking it, eating your fruits would be better as they are high in fiber and fill be more satiable but will also curb sweet cravings

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