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Posted: 15 Apr 2019 By: Admin

More Orgo Has Launched OMKITCHEN Website

Noida, March , 2019: Driven by an untiring passion to bring organic, 100% natural products to discerning health enthusiasts and support individuals who want to lead chemical-free life, More Orgo has recently given the access to organic food supply, launching their brand-new website for OMKITCHEN, on 7th March 2019. The company has introduced their audience to home-style organic meals, that are a perfect blend of wonderful taste, high-quality organic ingredients and numerous health benefits.

Founded in 2017, More Orgo has never stopped fulfilling their passion to inspire people and ensure good health, as well as eat what Mother Nature gave us. Launching their 2 brands, OMJOOS, a source of freshly made cold-pressed juices and OMKITCHEN, carefully selected organic meals, the company connected with their target audience, providing access to products sourced directly from marginal farmers and organic associations.

Conceptualized in 2015, researched on for two years, and tried by over 600 volunteering professionals, OMKITCHEN has become a leading provider of authentic, natural home-style organic meals that help people regain and relish their love for genuine, chemical-free food. With a seasonal menu of over 500 recipes that alternate quarterly, and the ability to customize individual meals, OMKITCHEN prides itself in direct home or work deliveries for those who value relishing delectable, organic food.

Working with over 500 certified small and marginal farmers, as well as a dedicated team of sourcing specialists, OMKITCHEN scouts for the best, seasonally grown organic produce, all over the country. The samples of sourced food are tested for their organic purity, and once checked and approved, they are stored, ensuring the produce stays fresh and utilized within the prescribed period. The team of culinary experts selects seasonal, fresh organic ingredients to create a range and variety of delicious meals, which are prepared daily and delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

OMKITCHEN offers 2 meal plans- Eco and Luxury, which vary in price and consist of different number of recipes. The user is able to pick the quantity and the preferred delivery date of the meal, as well as view the OMKITCHEN’s monthly menu. Once ordered, the meals are packed and delivered to customers’ premises by the OMKITCHEN delivery team. The food brand provides three types of services – i) Table Service and ii) Tiffin Service iii) Corporate Catering Service, that can easily fulfil the needs of an individual and families, as well as corporate groups and events.

Aiming to deliver the best recipes that are cooked by conventional Maharaj, with flavour from different states, OMKITCHEN Tiffin service best suit those who are looking for a healthy and flavourful meal, delivered every day in microwave-safe glass containers. The home-style cooking Table Service on another hand, provides a unique experience for the customers, so they can indulge in an authentic taste of cuisine with a personalized touch. OMKITCHEN’s Table Service does all of the hard work for our customers, so they can sit back, be free and savour the things that mean the most in their life.

Nowadays, healthy eating and a well-balanced diet are an ongoing challenge for many of us, due to the quality of the ingredients that are being used to prepare the food. OMKITCHEN Farm-to-Plate food model helps people eat healthy, and buy healthy meals for the family and friends, knowing that all ingredients come from organic sources. OMKICTHEN provides the insights of the sourcing process and meal preparation, ensuring their customers are fully informed about every step that the company takes.

The brand-new website connects More Orgo with their target audience of health enthusiasts, gives an overview of the benefits of choosing organic produce and provides access to carefully prepared seasonal menus, all at affordable prices. OMKITCHEN’s vision and values are to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle by adopting traditional practise and taking care of their wellbeing.

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