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Posted: 07 Jun 2019 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Why Fresh Juice Is Better Than Energy Drinks

We are surrounded by a number of drinks that claim to be healthy and provide instant energy boosts, and that claim to be filled with the goodness of vitamins and minerals. Two of most common drinks that fall into this category include fresh fruit juices and energy drinks. Undoubtedly, the best is the one that’s filled with the goodness of health and nutrition and whose consumption increases energy levels in a healthy way, i.e. fresh juice.

Let’s dig deeper to understand the difference between fresh fruit juice and energy drinks to better understand its benefits.

Why Fresh Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit juice is the extract of fresh fruits filled with essential vitamins and minerals. Juice is available as both packed (filled with preservatives) and fresh. While packed juices come with added artificial sugars and preservatives, fresh juices contain only natural sugars.

The Benefits of Juicing Fresh Fruit

Benefits of Fresh Fruit Juice

01. They are totally fresh and natural.

02. They only contain natural sugars and flavors without any artificial ingredients.

03.  Fresh cold-pressed juice contains natural nutrients that are energy and metabolism boosters.

04. The nutrients in fresh fruit juices are in their pure and natural form, such as folate, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C and K.

05.  Fresh fruit juice naturally flush out the toxins.

06. Juice keep the body hydrated in a healthy and natural way.

07. Fresh juice provides an instant energy boost because fruits and vegetables are in their liquid form, meaning that their benefits are quickly absorbed by the body.

08. Juice has nutritional benefits to replace whole meals. Different cold-pressed juice brands offer a blend of healthy fruits and vegetables loaded different ingredients to improve your body in different ways.

09. Juice is a good health substitute that’s filled with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.

10. Fresh juices are the best natural energy drinks.

The Downside of Juicing Fresh Fruit

Fresh juice has a small shelf-life of two to three days if well refrigerated. If you are trying to gain nutritional benefits from fresh juice, it can be disadvantageous that you can’t stock them for months.

Having fresh cold-pressed juices are like having fruits in liquid form. The main advantage of having fresh juices comes from the fact they are totally natural, deprive of artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors.

Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are named after their capability to provide an instant energy boost with enhanced mental alertness and physical performance. Energy drinks are typically filled with a high amount of sugar, caffeine, and any other stimulants to increase energy levels after performing an exhausting physical activity.

The high sugar and caffeine content makes them unfit for repeated consumption, but since it makes an easy way to feel energized for teenagers, they often replace healthy meals with a bottle.

Benefits of Drinking Energy Drinks

  1. Energy drinks boost energy and alertness.
  2. Energy drinks are an easy and refreshing way to feel energized.

Cons of Drinking Energy Drinks

Cons of Drinking Energy Drinks

  1. They are filled with artificial sugar, caffeine and stimulant compounds like taurine.
  2. Excess sugar consumption with energy drinks is responsible for teeth decay.
  3. Regular consumption of energy drinks can elevate blood pressure, anxiety levels, insomnia and heart palpitations.
  4. Their consumption makes a reason for severe dehydration by the loss of water-soluble vitamins and minerals.
  5. Another concern about energy drinks is lack of disclosure. Many manufacturers are not bound to provide everything about the ingredients they use in their drinks.
  6. They are not made to increase health or well-being.
  7. They are not a source of sustained energy, rather just provide a rush of it because of an excess amount of sugar and caffeine.
  8. Energy drinks are not fit for consumption by children or pregnant women.
  9. Regular intake of energy drinks disturbs sleeping patterns.
  10. Even drinking a single can of energy drink provides much more sugar than is recommended.

Final Thoughts

Fresh fruit juice is one of the healthiest options to provide a dose of nutrients and energy to your body. There is nothing that can replace nature, and excessive amounts of harmful things like caffeine, sugar, artificial colors and flavors can lead to multiple health problems. Opt for natural juice filled with health boosting goodness to stay energized.


Why is fresh juice better?

Fresh juice contains natural sugars and flavours without any artificial ingredients. They are excellent to naturally flush out the chemical toxins from the body. Sipping on a glass of fresh juice in the morning is a great way to stay energised, refreshed, and productive at work throughout the day. If you have digestive problems, fresh juice is great to promote digestion and also seems a good alternative to add more veggies to the diet for the fussy eaters of the house.

What is the healthiest juice to drink?

Among various healthy drinks, fresh and 100% pure cold-pressed juice is the healthiest to drink to get important nutrients and reap maximum benefits out of it. The freshly pressed juice does not contain any external preservatives or flavouring, which eventually makes it the healthiest drink because you are in taking the liquefied form of fresh fruits nothing else. They keeps you hydrated, remove chemical toxins from the body, act as an energy booster, and definitely considered as the best energy drinks that you will ever need.

Is it good to drink fresh fruit juice everyday?

It is absolutely fine to drink fresh juice free from any additional preservatives on a regular basis. Through this way, you can provide your body with important nutrients that you’re missing out otherwise. If you don’t like to eat greens, juicing is a great way to increase the veggies intake in your body. Besides this, fresh juice also helps in hydration and gives you the energy you need to get going throughout the day.

User Comments

rachel frampton says:
30 Aug 2021 04:38:39 PM
My sister would like to drink juice from now on since this is healthier compared to soda. Well, it also never occurred to me that this may help flush out the toxins. Thank you for sharing here as well that this may help boost the immune system.

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