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Posted: 01 Oct 2019 By: Admin

OMJOOS Is Becoming Self-Reliant By Growing Its Own Organic Pomegranates And Mangoes

Noida, September, 2019: Pureness, health, and good taste: a few of the main pillars that OMJOOS, a fresh cold-pressed juice making company, upholds. With these values in mind, OMJOOS has begun to become self-reliant by growing its own organic pomegranate and mangoes.

On the agricultural market, most fruits, and vegetables are injected with chemicals like growth hormones, dyes, sweeteners, wax coatings, and many more in order to make them bigger, fresher, sweeter, and to encourage buyers to make more purchases. These artificial additives are extremely harmful for our bodies and can significantly affect our health, as they may cause serious problems like cancer.

Due to this, finding a reliable source of fresh and chemical-free fruits and vegetables has become nearly impossible. With the objective of bringing healthy alternatives to their consumers that are also pure, tasty, and nutrient-rich, OMJOOS has recently committed to growing its own produce. This initiative began by planting more than 150 trees as a part of an eco-mission to “Go Green.” This small step towards improving the environment has resulted in many benefits, such as obtaining chemical-free fruits and veggies and providing fresh air and protection to our health.

From sourcing the purest fruits and vegetables, to delivering fresh cold-pressed juice straight to your doorstep, all of the team members at OMJOOS follow the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the entire juice-making process. OMJOOS is making continuous efforts to provide a healthy drink alternatives to people so they can stay fit, active, and healthy! This initiative to grow and use their own pomegranates and mangoes is one step forward to keep producing natural, fresh, and chemical-free juices.

With OMJOOS, you don’t need to think twice about quality.

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Sushil says:
21 Nov 2019 01:45:49 PM
It's really a great initiative.

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