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Posted: 29 Apr 2020 By: Rashi Chaudhary

6 Amazing Tips to Stronger Your Relationship During Lockdown

The Coronavirus has completely transformed our lives. As a result of the nationwide lockdown, people are staying at home 24/7, and this is absolutely the best way to currently combat this viral pandemic.

Whether you are working from home, isolated with any of your loved ones, or are just feeling anxious about any Coronavirus related news, the lockdown has turned out to be an enormous challenge.

The sudden change in our regular schedules and routines may cause a lot of stress especially now when you are staying at home with your spouse or partner for an extended amount of time.

How Novel Coronavirus Has Interrupted Our Relationships?

Though it could be a great time for strengthening the relationships, many couples may find it a bit difficult to spend the whole day together with their respective loved ones.

In this time of uncertainty and stress, being suddenly stuck inside together for an indefinite time frame can give rise to conflicts. Moreover, the fear of what’s going to happen next and when we will be able to step out of the house again is also likely to increase irritability.

You may not want to talk to each other, feel frustrated at each other or look for your own personal space somewhere, this additional time that you are spending with your partner can put a lot of pressure on you if you don’t know how to best cope with your partner.

However there are some things you can do to help and here are a few ideas listed below to help strengthen your relationship during quarantine.

1. Assign Tasks For Each other

With the situation now being so different, you may struggle to complete the day to day tasks such as working or household chores if not planned accordingly. This is something which can increase stress and anxiety if you don’t know how to handle it properly.

For this reason, to soothe your relationship and feel a little normal, sit back together and assign a list of weekly tasks for each other. For example -

  • Cooking duty
  • Buying groceries
  • Handling children
  • Cleaning
  • Dishwashing etc

2. Workout Together

Exercising together has many surprising benefits to offer not just for your overall well-being but for your relationship as well.

Working out with your partner can strengthen your mind, body, and relationship. Given below are some of the many benefits that you can get while working out with your significant other.

  • You feel more motivated to exercise and stay fit as now your partner has become the ultimate coach or cheerleader of yours.
  • You are more likely to focus on your exercise as your partner is now involved
  • It increases satisfaction and makes your bond stronger
  • It helps to have a better understanding of each other
  • A couples workout can make the entire process more fun and enjoyable
  • You can switch each other favourite exercises to try something that you haven’t done before

Workout as a team and make this lockdown time the best time of your lives!

3. Indulge in Activities to Reduce Stress Together

Although you can’t get out of the home, that doesn’t stop you from having any fun.

Get some fresh air in the balcony, go for a walk on the terrace, get some vitamin D, listen to soothing music, dance your heart out, read, draw, have movie nights together or choose any activity that you always wanted to give a try.

Take advantage of this time as much as you can. Reinvent yourself and learn something new together.

4. Eat Healthy Together

At this point in time, it is extremely crucial to stock up on healthy food items that boost our immune system and can protect us from various infectious diseases like Coronavirus.

As you are in lockdown at your home, it is a great opportunity to develop healthy eating habits and cut back on unhealthy junk food.

Team up with your partner and get into healthy eating through the tips listed below.

  • Create a list of the healthy foods especially immunity boosters that you both like
  • Include healthy sugary items like fruits, coconut sugar, honey, jaggery, fresh juices etc. to satisfy the sweet cravings
  • Eliminate sugary juices, sodas, and colas completely from your diet
  • Choose healthy snacking options like nuts, seeds, popcorn, fruits, chemical-free juices, plain yogurt etc.
  • If you are buying anything from the grocery store, read the labels carefully
  • Help each other while cooking healthy meals

5. Listen To Each Other

Communication plays a key role in relationships. And, since you are under lockdown, it becomes more important than ever before.

We all know this pandemic is a scary time and it can accelerate the feelings of anxiety and fear into your partner. With that in mind, communicate more, hear your partner's concerns, and support each other in this difficult time to lift each other’s mood.

Let your partner pour their heart out! This could be the best quarantine relationship advice you can get.

6. Take Out Some Time for Self-care

Do not shy away to spend some “Me-Time”. Spending some time alone is equally important and healthy as spending it with your partner.

You need some personal space to ease the tension in your mind due to the information flow about Coronavirus, to be more productive, and work on yourself!

There is nothing wrong with alone time. In fact, it can be a useful tool for your relationship as well. Therefore, always be open about your personal needs with your partner.

Take some of your space and respect theirs. Sounds simple right?

Final Thoughts

It is more important than ever to be united with your partner during this difficult time. In the midst of this deadly crisis, having a partner is truly a blessing because you can share your feelings, grow your relationships and ease your mind.

Indulge in relaxing activities, eat healthy food, and use this opportunity wisely.

Stay home and protected from the virus! Above all remember, this situation is ultimately temporary, things will eventually get better.

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