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Posted: 28 Sep 2020 By: Rashi Chaudhary

5 Natural Ways to Increase Stamina During Unlock Phase

The Coronavirus is the only thing that we have been hearing about over the past few months. It has completely changed the way we live as the outbreak of this viral disease has turned our lives upside down in ways we couldn’t possibly have imagined.

Working from home, virtual weddings and remote get togethers are the new trend in recent times. During the lockdown phase, many of us will have skipped working out and overindulged in the guilty pleasure of eating homemade desserts, pizza, pasta and binge watching Netflix.

You are not alone if you have been sedentary during the pandemic. The bad news is that the lack of physical activity has really reduced our stamina meaning our energy levels have decreased and we get tired easily.

As we move towards the end of lockdowns, there are some important steps to get back into our regular routine and rebuild our stamina for staying safe and healthy.

Here’s a list of some easy, natural ways to beat the lockdown blues and boost stamina.

1. Take a Healthy Diet

Eating a wholesome diet is crucial to get back in shape and rebuild stamina. For those who have indulged in homemade fresh foods during the lockdown period, hold on to this habit of healthy eating. For those who ate a lot, it’s the time to stop overeating and look to incorporate a healthy diet.

Eat nutrient and energy-boosting foods to boost stamina that help your endurance and are also a great way to support your immune system too. Eliminate processed and sugary foods that make you feel sleepy and make it hard to concentrate. Fuel your body with healthy food so that it gives back the energy you need to work.

2. Go Slow With Exercise

You need to take things slow while getting back to exercising. Since we have been sitting more during the lockdown period our muscles have tightened so our body will take some time to adapt. Don’t push your body to excessive exercising all of the sudden as it will not help in boosting stamina. Moreover, you might get injured by working out this way.

Take baby steps and have patience. You can go cycling, walk, run, and dance. Who said that you need equipment to exercise? You can’t increase stamina overnight, therefore, be consistent and don’t give up as you might feel low and dull when starting out.

3. Rest Is A Must

Our normal sleep pattern has changed due to this viral pandemic. The tension, fear, and stress due to the constant news of Coronavirus has affected the sleep cycle of many. A poor sleeping pattern is linked with various serious health problems including low stamina. On that note, you need to get back to your old routine of maintaining a proper sleep cycle.

Set a fixed time to go to bed and wake up. Avoid daytime sleeping habits as it can affect nighttime sleep. Keep the phone away an hour before going to bed. The most important thing to remember is never read the news before bed!

4. Proper Hydration is Essential

It might not boost your stamina but it definitely gives the energy you need to get back to your old routine. The risk of dehydration is common regardless of the weather and If you are not drinking enough water, it causes fatigue and can drain your energy level too. Low energy levels make it difficult to exercise therefore, it is necessary to drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated.

Avoid energy drinks as they are loaded with artificial sweeteners which wreak havoc on your health. To perform at the highest level, have lemonade, coconut water, or chemical-free juices to get an energy boost and essential nutrients.

5. Train Yourself To Be Positive

While there were many people who were following healthy eating, there are others who have put on weight during the lockdown. As it was and still is a stressful period for many, getting lazy and stress-eating is normal. However, I have the best hack to de-stress yourself and that is by staying Optimistic.

This situation is new for all of us and we all are learning everyday to deal with it effectively. Just hold on to a positive attitude to let your body perform better and stay healthier. Start your day with a grateful heart to undo the negative effect of stress.

Final Thoughts

Make these activities a part of your lifestyle to keep your stamina up. It will also make you able to handle the stress that further prevents fatigue or tiredness while working out. Don’t compromise your fitness. Infact, staying healthy has never been as important. These tips will keep you physically fit but also rewire your mental health as well.

Let’s get ourselves back on track!

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