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Posted: 16 Oct 2020 By: Shraddha Thakur

7 Effective Tips to Stop Being Distracted In Times of Uncertainty

The number of Coronavirus cases is increasing. The novel Coronavirus has impacted the entire global economy. The underprivileged are suffering from hunger and the Coronavirus is the only piece of news that we are hearing everyday.

From social media to news channels or any other means of acquiring information, Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the only information that we are consuming through one way or another.

Without any doubt, the Coronavirus has caused a significant impact across the world. Unfortunately, people who are not even infected are facing issues due to the overwhelming news of COVID-19. The problem arises when it interrupts your power of concentration and disrupts your ability to focus and be productive at work.

Fear not! We have a few tips through which you can improve your concentration and control your over-focus on COVID-19.

Plan Your Day Ahead

Before you start the day, dedicate an hour to plan your day. It will help to prioritize the task and organize your time accordingly. It helps to perform better and learn about time-management. Do not entirely dedicate your day towards work commitments, instead try to make it more fun and interesting. Divide the day into activities like – work-related, personal growth, creativity, social media etc. It will really help you to stay focused despite distractions.

Accept The Reality

One must accept the reality in order to get out of this trap and clear your mind from negative thoughts that interfere with your ability to concentrate. For this reason, learn to recognize your emotions and reality. Acceptance is the most important practice to lead a healthy life. Protect yourself regarding the outbreak of the virus but don’t lose yourself in current Coronavirus issues. It will help to improve concentration and reduce the overwhelming nature of COVID-19.

Tame Your Social Media Usage

No doubt, social media has been a savior during the lockdown period to overcome boredom and stay updated about important news matters. However, overindulging in the media can not only affect your concentration but also increases stress and irritation that will further make it difficult to concentrate. The more you scroll through it the more you will get hooked to it. Therefore set a limit for yourself. Reduce the usage to spend that free time on the other things that make you sane, calm, and focused.

Train Your Brain With Healthy Food

Healthy food is the key to a healthy mind. You have to fuel your mind with nutritious food so that it works effectively. For this reason, eat a healthy breakfast to start the day with a good mood and energy level. People don’t realize it but breakfast is definitely one of the most important meals of the day. You can consume salads, smoothies, chemical-free juices, fruits, oatmeal, nuts, dry fruits, yoghurts to stay active throughout the day. Don’t forget to stay hydrated as well to get the required nourishment you need.

Focus on the Positive Side

There is no denying the fact that Coronavirus is having a deep impact across countries. But, at the same time, we should not also ignore the number of cases recovering. The outbreak of this viral pandemic does have a positive side to it. Don’t you think lockdown was good for spending time with our beloved ones? Spend time thinking about the things that make you happy instead of those that increase your fear or worry.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindful activities like yoga and meditation can meditation help to clear our mind and thoughts. You have to think positively to achieve a positive state of mind as relaxing activities are literally the best. Take some time every single day to practice yoga, meditation or any relaxing activity that soothes your mind. It is key to good mental as well as physical health. It will help to reduce your worries and increase your concentration level to work effectively at every single task.

Connect With Friends or Family

Talking to your friends is sometimes the best therapy that you need. Whenever you find yourself lost amid difficult situations, hold your thoughts and call your best friend. They have seen you at your worst and best, and they know how to push you to do best and achieve your dreams. Moreover, sharing concerns with your loved ones can help to reduce the burden of stress that affects your ability to work. It’s a win-win situation from every perspective.

Final Thoughts

The panic concerning Coronavirus can make you lose focus on your work, which is one of our highest priorities right now. It is important to stay aware of what is happening but don’t become immersed in information that freaks you out and keeps your mind wandering. Try out the tips shared above to maintain mental peace and stay calm for being innovative at work.

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