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5 Natural Ways To Induce Sleep During Unfortunate Times Like Coronavirus
Posted: October, 29, 2020
By: Rashi Chaudhary

5 Natural Ways To Induce Sleep During Unfortunate Times Like Coronavirus

Nobody ever imagined the situation we are in right now. Coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of our life. It has completely changed the way we eat, live, and stay connected. Although the restrictions are easing gradually following the unlocking phase, the Coronavirus crisis still continues to play out.

It’s understandable that the fear of losing a job, the falling economy, financial pressures, and constant negative news on television and social media can increase worry, stress, or depression. The problem arises when it interferes with our quality of sleep and makes us unable to sleep no matter how tired and exhausted we feel.

In these times, staying healthy mentally and physically is the top priority and a lack of sleep can make it more difficult to cope. Keep reading to know some of the consequences related to stress-related insomnia.

  • Low energy levels
  • Lack of concentration and focus
  • Lower immunity level
  • Mood swings
  • Skin-aging
  • Rapid weight gain

If stress is making it hard to sleep and you spend the entire night tossing from one side to another, here are some methods that you can try out to de-stress your body and get a full night sleep.

Cut Back on News And Social Media

To mitigate the impact of stress on our sleep cycle firstly, we need to limit our exposure to news and social media. I am not telling you to avoid it altogether rather develop a set schedule to check out the updates twice or thrice per day. Just don’t overdo it.

Shift your focus more towards the positive stories or follow the accounts that post uplifting news. It will give you a feeling of relaxation and introduce your mind towards positive things amid the challenging times. It will greatly help in relieving stress and induce a good night sleep.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Do not Isolate Yourself

Stress and anxiety can make you feel lonely and isolated. You couldn’t sleep well if you find yourself consumed by worry and stress throughout the day. It becomes more difficult for those who are living away from their family if they don’t know how to keep a positive attitude.

Honestly, staying connected is the best thing that we can do to lift up each other’s mood. No matter if you are under quarantine or living alone, virtual mediums are always there to keep in touch with your beloved ones and enhance your mood. A good mood can help you get a good night sleep, which is extremely important for the entire system to function properly.

Identify Your  Emotional Triggers

It is important to spot our emotional triggers to accurately manage stress and improve sleep quality. You will be unable to sleep if you go to bed with negative thoughts. Recognizing and acknowledging the situations that trigger us is the first step to prevent stress or anxiety and attain a positive mindset.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes hence, emotional triggers will vary from one to another. For example: watching news regarding a falling economy might increase stress while it can be just another piece of news for others. Learn what changes your physical and emotional behaviour and then try to limit or reduce the exposure from such triggering circumstances.

Develop a Good Night Routine

Sleep routine is often underestimated by many. While in reality, establishing a set bedtime routine helps in creating peace of mind which makes you sleep better. Following the same routine before going to bed will naturally prepare your body and mind to sleep on time.

Incorporate healthy night habits to get a better night of sleep and wake up the next day with a better mood and energy level. Here are a few do’s and don’ts which I follow before it’s time to sleep.

  • Put the phone away at least 30min before sleeping
  • Choose a peaceful and dark environment
  • Don’t watch any news before getting into bed
  • Listen to positive podcast/music to cheer up myself
  • Eat healthy and light bedtime snacks, if hungry
  • Eliminate caffeine, especially 3-4hrs before sleeping
  • Sleep at the same time every night

Follow Healthy Daytime Habits

What you do in the daytime can have a major impact on your sleep. Following a sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy processed foods can sabotage your quality of sleep. On the other hand, healthy daytime habits can promote good sleep and also helps in effectively managing stressful or upsetting news.

If you want to maximize your chances of a good night sleep then exercise regularly (yoga and meditation do wonders for inducing sleep), avoid quick naps during daytime, stay hydrated, eat a healthy diet enriched with green veggies, fruits, chemical-free juices, nuts, whole grains etc. and last but not the least, take out some time for yourself to freshen up and attain better sleep.

Final Thoughts

Sleep difficulties are common and natural in unfortunate circumstances like this when we are surrounded by distressing news and events. So, don’t fret over it as it contributes more to your loss of sleep and increased anxiety. Try the tips that I have shared above to fall asleep easily and quickly if you’re having trouble sleeping. Sleep is always important, therefore, instead of bingeing on the bad news, shift your mind toward the good to easily fix and reduce stress, anxiety or fear and get back on track with your sleep.

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