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Posted: 23 Nov 2020 By: Rashi Chaudhary

How to Watch the News without Compromising on Mental health?

Since November 2019, the majority of the news that we are consuming is most likely about the Coronavirus. Our day starts and ends with the latest updates about this viral pandemic. Without any doubt, it is more important than ever to stay up to date on the effects of Coronavirus on people, businesses, unemployment, and the economy. However, if you are constantly glued to the television screen and keep on scrolling endlessly through social media, it is possible that it can take a toll on your entire well-being. 

The overconsumption of news increases the stress level and affects your ability to stay sane and focus on other important daily life things. The overwhelming COVID-19 news stories make you more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and fatigue as well.

Though we can’t stop the media coverage being flooded with Coronavirus news, we can definitely learn some self-help techniques for coping with this uncertain situation in the best way possible.

If you are struggling with the same issues, try any of these tips and thank us later!

Set a Routine For Checking

To safeguard yourself as well as those surrounding you, it is important to stay updated about the information with regards to Coronavirus. But, we don’t need to overdo it. The right way to consume the news is by developing a set routine of checking the updates once or twice per day. Avoid the news that arouses tension or fear and is of no learning at all. Unfollow/mute those people/accounts who post nothing but anxiety-provoking information on their feed.

Trust on Authentic Sources

It is extremely important to get the facts right while consuming any type of news. It should be your responsibility to verify any information that you came across before sharing it with your group of friends or family. False information and news can create confusion and misunderstandings which can affect people’s behaviour, emotions, & health. On that note, always trust on authentic sources of information like WHO. It’s time to come together and curb the spread of disinformation.

Recognize Your Response

After watching or viewing any news, observe how it is affecting you. Some might give you a sense of relief while others can trigger your emotions and make you upset or even angry. Once you understand what triggers you the most, it becomes easier to limit the time spent on such information. It is the simplest yet great way to reduce the intake of negative news, particularly during stressful times.

Make Time For Yourself

In the challenging situation of Coronavirus, mental health has become the talk of the town. While you will find ways to limit the screen time in order to feel better and mentally healthy, the best way out of all is to schedule some time for yourself and enjoy it. You should never feel guilty about carving a few extra minutes for yourself to acknowledge your emotions and needs. This is certainly the best practice to minimize worry and relieve your mind & body.

Sign Up For Positive Podcasts & Newsletters

Subscribe to inspirational and positive podcasts and newsletters to get a boost of happiness on a daily basis. In this crucial time, staying positive is the best practice for effectively dealing with these difficult times. The soothing podcasts and motivating newsletters will definitely give you a moment of peace amid the hard times. It will also aid in easing the anxiety levels and uplift your mood as well. Do it once and you will surely feel the positive change.

Eat Right, Drink well

The best thing about lockdown was that many people have started eating healthy. Now as the lockdown is lifted and we move towards the unlock phase, we must not let go of those healthy habits that we have adopted. Healthy and mindful eating can help lower stress, anxiety, and negative feelings. A diet loaded with nutrient-enriched can help to be a great mood booster amid the upsetting information. Fill your plate with dark green leafy veggies, fruits, sugar-free juices, nuts, and whole grains to let your mind work at it’s best.

Final Thoughts

It’s so easy to get lost on the Internet so you need to be careful for maintaining your mental and physical health. Slow down the news addiction to limit your exposure to troublesome news. While these tips work for me, there might be a possibility that they do not work for you. For this reason, seek professional help if you are unable to stop thinking about it despite your continuous efforts. You are not alone. Everyone is there to help you out and find a way so that you can easily cope with extreme stressful situations.

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