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Posted: 25 Feb 2021 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Text Neck Pain: 6 Simple Tips to Naturally Combat Text Neck

Smartphone addiction is a real thing. We are constantly glued to our devices for a variety of purposes like entertainment, communication, sharing information with others, and the list goes on. Smartphones are a saviour, especially in the crucial times of coronavirus when we are asked to stay at home and practice social distancing.

Undoubtedly, digital devices have been a great help throughout the outbreak of the pandemic to stay virtually connected and be able to check in on our loved ones to see how they’re doing t. However, the downside is being susceptible to the risk of increasing lifestyle problems due to excessive usage of such devices. Let’s dig into the post to discover more.

What is Text Neck?

Hunching over digital devices, be it phone, laptop, or any other digital devices for a long period increases the risk of pain in the neck, upper back, or shoulders. This injury is called text neck. Unlike the name suggests, one doesn’t necessarily experience pain and aches when they are texting, as text neck is can occur whenever you are looking down at your device like you might be doing right now while reading this. Are you?

The poor posture in which your head is bent downwards without any movement for a long period develops the risk of text neck by putting excessive pressure on the spine. If left untreated, it may cause severe pain, muscular weakness, headache, and more.

Since the chances of putting the phone aside are unlikely, let me give you some easy lifestyle tips that can help you to prevent the risk of text neck or ways to manage it effectively if you are experiencing any of its symptoms. Here’s the fix:

1. Check Your Screen-Timing

Check Your Screen-Timing

Don’t fret! I am not telling you to stop using your phone altogether. All you need to do is limit its usage. Excessive usage of your phone can not only develop the risk of text neck but it can also impact your mental health  because of overconsumption of distressing news

Scrolling through social media is a vicious cycle. You can never escape it if you don’t know how to control yourself. Therefore, keep a track of your habits. Set a schedule to check updates regularly and stick to it. Be aware of how much time is being spent on the phone via screen timing reports. Set reminders to stop using your phone continuously for long hours.

2. Practice Good Posture

Practice Good Posture

Maintaining good posture is important to prevent the risk of any pain or stiffness in the neck, back, or shoulder. Don’t slouch your back either while standing or sitting. Keep the phone closer to eye level so that you don’t need to bend too forward or high. Keep rotating your neck otherwise, it can cause stiffness.

For those who are working from home, make sure your table and chair are of an ideal height that doesn’t cause any discomfort or tightness developing. Also, avoid using a laptop or mobile while laying or sitting on the bed as it increases your chances of being in forward head posture.             

3. Take Short Breaks

Take Short Breaks

The sedentary behaviour increases the chances of text pain as well as other health problems like obesity, high blood sugar, heart diseases, etc. Therefore, it is essential to take breaks within short intervals to stay healthy and hold good posture.

If you are working on a laptop, then either work while standing for sometime or take short breaks to stretch out and walk around your house, if possible. You can also buy a standing desk to work while standing, which encourages good posture.

4. Get Moving Regularly

Get Moving Regularly

Flexibility and stretching exercises can help to relieve the tension in any muscles. Experts say that it is essential to take out at least 30 minutes from your daily schedule to work out to stay healthy and keep the pain away from the neck, back, knees, shoulder etc.

Since most of you are working remotely, now is  the best time to get the most out of it. Pause in between work and perform neck rotation, side bending, flexion, and other neck or spine exercises. Besides that, yoga is also a great technique to improve flexibility and to keep text neck at bay. 

5. Eat Food That Promotes Spinal health

Eat Food That Promotes Spinal health

Trust me, the right dietary choices can help a lot to support overall well-being. You simply need to incorporate healthy options into your diet and eliminate unhealthy ones to keep your spine strong and healthy, warding off any diseases that lead to neck pain.

An anti-inflammatory diet usually consists of plenty of vegetables, legumes, fruits, fresh juices, dairy products, spices, and whole grains. Strictly avoid processed food that is high in sugars and fats, and sodium-filled carbonated drinks, junk food, or any other prepackaged food. Also, stay hydrated as dehydration can affect your spine. 

6. Learn Massage Techniques

Learn Massage Techniques

Massage treatments are an effective way to relieve pain, decrease stiffness, and improve posture. Get massages regularly to alleviate your pain and feel better. Ice and heat packs can also help in reducing pain and releasing stiffness or soreness.

Considering the current circumstances, avoid going for a clinical visit and choose virtual self-management practices to get relief from the comfort of your home. You can also check YouTube videos to learn self-massage techniques or ask someone in your home to perform the same to get relief.

If you are showing the starting symptoms or severe pain due to text neck, do consult your doctor before beginning with any exercise routine. An expert can recommend better treatment after analyzing your condition.

Final Thoughts

It’s the small yet important changes in your lifestyle that can give you huge relief from any discomfort. Implement these good and healthy techniques before any symptoms arise and the situation worsens. If you try these tips, you are maximizing the chances of living a pain-free and healthy life.

Don’t let digital devices take over your life!

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