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Posted: 14 May 2021 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Are You Tired of Juicing At Home? Here's Why You Should Subscribe to OMJOOS

A glass of chilled and flavorful homemade juice is enough to perk you up on a hot summer day no matter how tired you are. Juices are that go-to- drink that  everyone enjoys when the sun shines it’s brightest. A natural, unsweetened, and tasty juice is loved by all. They are a great supplement for the diet as well.

Let’s tell you more about how chemical-free juices in general are a great addition to your regular diet. Keep reading.

  • Juices are a great way to intake important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in one go
  • Drinking juices is a great idea to sneak in those vegetables and fruits that we struggle to eat otherwise
  • Juices can give instant energy to keep you going throughout the day
  • Juices can uplift your mood and increase your focus at work
  • Juicing is a quicker way of absorbing many fruits and vegetables that are vital to improving the overall bodily functions
  • Juices are the best alternative to keep the body hydrated, which is crucial in the summer season to stay healthy and protected from illness
  • Juicing is important to keep the immune system healthy thus prevent diseases or virus

There are incredibly good reasons for drinking homemade juices on a daily basis. It’s one of the easy-to-remember ways of staying fit and in shape, plus you reap many other health benefits out of it.

When you are juicing at home, you have full control over what goes inside, basically, the fresh ingredients and the right amount of sugar in it, if required. Unlike most store-bought juices, homemade juices don’t have preservatives.

However, amid the coronavirus crises, we have to take care of a lot of things for ourselves, our loved ones, and the community we live in to flatten the curve of this deadly disease. Moreover, the chaos of death and rapid surge in the COVID-19 positive cases, people may be neglecting their health due to stressful and unfavorable circumstances.

So, for those people who are tired of juicing, don’t have time to juice at home, and are scared to give a shot to store-bought juices, we are giving you a refreshing and healthy beverage for everyday consumption. Let’s check below what we are talking about!

Why OMJOOS is the next best thing to Homemade Juices?

OMJOOS is best thing to Homemade Juices

OMJOOS, a residential cold-pressed juice brand is serving a range of fresh, chemical-free, and healthy cold-pressed juices since its inception in 2017 all across Delhi and surrounding areas.

Here’s why OMJOOS is the best alternative to your homemade juice:

1. Usage of Fresh Ingredients

Usage of Fresh Ingredients - OMJOOS

  • We understand that the biggest cause of concern behind not purchasing any commercial juice brand is the poor quality of ingredients that most of the juice brands use for juicing.
  • Since the quality of juices highly depends upon the ingredients used, our fruits and vegetables are being sourced from all over the world to use the finest quality while preparing juices.
  • We also have a partnership with local farmers that helps us to get the high quality of fruits and vegetables
  • A selected variety of fruits are even imported from Australia, Egypt, California, and Morocco. Only high-end quality fruits/veggies are acceptable for us while juicing
  • We don’t keep the stock of fruits & veggies for more than seven days

2. Free from Artificial Additives or Preservatives

  • Our juices are 100% free from sugar. So you don’t need to concern about tooth cavities, weight gain, diabetes, fatigue, and other harmful effects of the biggest enemy of our health- Sugar
  • There is no addition of additives or preservatives in order to enhance the color, taste or flavor of the juice. Therefore, our juices are the purest liquid form of highly sourced fruits and veggies
  • By using slow cold-pressed technology to extract the juice, there is no involvement of heat in the process thus, the juices can retain live enzymes and the required vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

3. Preparation of Our Healthy Cold-Pressed Juices

Healthy Cold-Pressed Juices - OMJOOS

  • Our team of professional juicers, wash the fruits and veggies in water with salt, lemon or vinegar followed by the ultrasonic cleaner to make them spotless and get rid of any harmful bacteria or virus
  • Fruits and veggies are further washes in running RO water to ensure utmost safety considering the current circumstances of COVID-19 in mind
  • Our dedicated team of juicers then press the produce to get the purest juice filled with maximum goodness
  • Our expert tasters taste the juice sample before the packing to ensure quality and good taste, ofcourse
  • We are taking care of every COVID-19 hygiene and safety measures from preparing, packing, and the delivery of the juice

4. Reaching Your Doorstep in Delhi/NCR

OMJOOS Doorstep in Delhi and NCR

  • Our juices are filled in food-grade glass bottles that can intact taste and freshness while delivery
  • The bottles are put inside an insulated dry container with dry ice that keeps them chilled & refreshed too
  • During these times of coronavirus crisis, we further keep the bottles in plastic bags after sanitizing them properly
  • We are offering contact-less delivery and highly recommend our valuable customers to opt for an online mode of payments to stay protected from this deadly disease

As mentioned above, our juices never undergo heat pasteurization or high-pressure processing techniques which keep the flavour intact, however, it leads to a shorter life. That’s why we always recommend consuming our juices within 8 hours while stored in the advised temperature.

Final Thoughts

A very few commercial brands can give you the same satisfaction as Homemade juices. So, when it comes to juicing, we work our best to make you feel refreshed and ultimately satisfied. The benefits of our naturally sweetened and refreshing cold-pressed juices are vast. We can ensure that our juices are able to give you a wonderful abundance of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes that have a good effect on your body

So spare a few minutes to try the best natural cold-pressed juices of the town!

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