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Posted: 24 May 2021 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Things You Can Do To Help Community In These Hard Times

The second wave of coronavirus has a great unprecedented impact on our lives than ever before. Shortage of beds in the hospitals, lack of oxygen cylinders, the inability of extra funds, and many other facts are responsible for making the current situation horrific. You are lucky if you have food, shelter, and enough funds to fulfill your regular needs in these trying times.

Sadly, this is a luxury not everyone can afford. Although our Govt. and multiple NGO’s are working day and night to help the community members during the ongoing pandemic, but as an individual, it is also our responsibility to give back to the society and help everyone feel a little better.

As we are asked to stay home to curb the spread of the virus, there are still some safer ways to offer assistance to those most affected by the pandemic. 

So, let’s come together and make an impact in our local community. Here are some ways for the same:

Stay Home

 Stay Home to Safe Yourself

The first and foremost thing to do to help our community is by following the state guidelines and sincerely adhering to them. It’s important to understand the severity of the current situation. Our front line workers are tirelessly working day and night by putting themselves at risk to save the lives of people.

The maximum we can do to help them socially distanced is by staying home which eventually will help to lower the covid-19 positive cases. So, follow all covid-19 precautions to keep yourself and everyone around safe and sane.

Provide Access to Healthy Meals

Healthy Organic Meals - OMKITCHEN

Check on neighbours and other family members especially those who are staying alone or the family in which every member is affected by COVID-19. In order to support them, one of the most significant things is to provide them a regular healthy nutritious diet that can speed up their recovery process and strengthen their gut health. Good nutrition is crucial for health so that our immune system can fight off effectively with any virus or germs.

In order to reduce contact with the contaminated, it is a safer idea to subscribe to a healthy tiffin service like OMKITCHEN, which is delivering tasty, chemical-free, and healthy organic meals to covid-19 affected patients at their doorstep across Delhi/NCR.

Support Local F&B Brands

Support Local F&B Brands - OMJOOS

Local brands and small businesses are the ones who are suffering the most since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Consumers who value the fresh food and the amazing benefits associated with it perfectly know the incredibly good reasons of eating local not just for themselves but for the community and the environment as a whole.

It’s a great feeling when you are feeding yourself with trustworthy food and supporting the local community side by side. By going local which could be eating at a local restaurant, ordering from a local food/beverage service, or shopping at a local market, you end up doing a lot of good for your body and society!

Spread Positivity

Spread Positivity

With everything that is going on it’s natural to feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. Therefore, it’s vital to spread positivity in society. Tell people to stay calm, inform them about the recovery rate, and suggest easy remedies to achieve a positive mindset.

Just keep on checking with those who are struggling. Shift towards a more positive outlook and engage people to have positive conversations to lower the burden of stress that they are carrying otherwise. Connect with them virtually, keep exchanging texts, or play online games to help them feel better.

Take Care of Someone’s Expenses

Take Care of Someone?s Expenses

As many states are under lockdown and also due to safety reasons, most domestic workers are not able to work. This makes them unable to pay rent or even get enough food to feed their family. Think about other helping hands in your society like a gardener, plumber, your car wash person, etc. We are surrounded by many such helpers around us that make our life easier.

In these tough times when they are struggling to meet basic demands, reaching out to them is a noble deed that can have a long-lasting impact on their lives. So, to help them out, you can pay their rent, buy groceries for them, give them fruits/veggies, etc. Take responsibility for their expense as much you can do. Trust us, it will give self-introspection of how you are as a person.

Make A Donation

Make A Donation

If you are not willing to help directly, you can always get in touch with non-profit organizations and other coronavirus relief funds that are serving the most vulnerable and affected during the ongoing pandemic.

There are many local charities that you can easily support since they know better of the people who live in that particular area. It is always a good idea to invest your resources with them. You can donate money, food to food banks, donate unused medicines, grocery items, masks, sanitizers, etc. that can be utilized to support the needy ones.

Self-Care is Must

Self-Care is Must

Last but definitely not least is - taking care of yourself. Looking out for yourself in these challenging times is also of utmost importance. Eat plenty of fruits/veggies and drink chemical-free juices to keep your mind and body healthy. You can do your part just by eating clean to stay healthy thus lowering the burden of our frontline workers.

While helping others, don’t forget to seek help if you are struggling too. That’s completely okay.

Final Thoughts

Our entire team of OMJOOS would like to give a big THANKS to everyone who is already helping out the needy ones or want to do so in the near future. Our local community needs us to lend a helping hand so that we all come out of these hard times healthier and happier. No matter how big or small, any act of kindness with good intentions goes a long way.

Whether we are socially distanced, but we are in this together! Right?

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