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Posted: 01 Jun 2021 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Staying and Working from Home is a Luxury! You Know Why?

The second coronavirus wave has made things bad to worse in just a matter of a few days. The sudden explosion of cases wreaked havoc across the nation. As we were getting used to the new normal, the rapid surge in coronavirus cases made our lives a lot difficult. As a result, many states again undergo lockdown to curb the spread of the highly contagious novel coronavirus in order to save the lives of the people.

All things considered, it is safe to say that staying and working from home is a luxury. Although being cooped inside for long has some challenges, but it’s far better to spend more time inside and work from home than to venture outside unnecessarily and put ourselves and others at risk.

Today, I will be discussing some of the many immense benefits of staying indoors so that whenever you feel stressed and anxious about spending more time at home, you can give a read to this blog to thank your lucky star for being able to have this luxury that not everyone can afford! 

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Lessen The Burden of COVID Warriors

COVID Warriors

Our COVID warriors are working tirelessly day and night to treat the affected patients. As the magnitude of infections is getting worse in the second coronavirus wave and as a responsible citizen we must release the burden that they are carrying regularly. For this reason, staying inside the home is one of the best actions that we can take to relieve some of their burden in the midst of the corona surge which in turn will help to flatten the curve of the deadly infectious disease. Such small actions can have a big impact on society. Think about it before you step out of the house!

More Time to Get in Shape

Get in Shape

If you always wanted to get in shape or simply begin an exercise routine to lead a healthy lifestyle, this is the right time to do it. You are just one click away to find numerous workout ideas from beginners to advance level. The best part is- you can do it anytime and for FREE! Also, you don’t need to stress over gym wear. Just put on your comfiest workout clothes and keep going. Burning calories from the comfort of your home is so much fun and also helps to calm down your nervous system so that you stay stress or anxiety-free.

Save Money

Save Money

The more time we are staying indoors, the more we are saving money. Due to the uncertainty of the current situation and the imposition of lockdown in many states, we tend to spend less money than we used to do for activities like shopping, eating at restaurants, petrol, salon, cinema, travelling, etc. For all the office goers, as you are working from home think about all the money spent on commutes that you are now saving! Take a minute and think about how you can invest this money later. Would it be possible in the earlier usual routine?

The outbreak of coronavirus has also realized us the importance of savings and spending money wisely so that when a global crisis hit the nation again, we won’t need to struggle for the basic needs to survive these difficult times anymore.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Follow a Healthy Diet - OMJOOS

It’s a lot easier to avoid and limit your cravings for junk and other processed food while you are spending more time at home, especially when you are not loaded up with unhealthy items. This is also a great opportunity to bring improvement in the daily diet by adding more nutritious food and drinks to boost gut health and stay healthy all year long. This extended time at home, load up your diet with nutrient-enriched diet, chemical-free juices, citrus fruits, and nuts to give a healthy boost to the immune system so that it can effectively fight off any germs or viruses, and keep you protected.

More Time for Personal Needs

Home Cleaning

With the shutdown of companies and organizations and the shift to work from home culture, schedules have also become more flexible therefore now we have more time available for our personal needs. As we are not commuting to our respective workplaces, we can utilize this time to either indulge in self-care, pick up any hobby that we love but don’t have time to do it otherwise, clean the clutter of our wardrobes, house cleaning, or simply just Netflix and chill. It is definitely one of the noticeable benefits of working from home.

Focus On Better Sleep

Focus On Better Sleep

Due to long hours of commute to the office, we didn’t get enough time to sleep which hampers our sleep as well as our productivity at the office. However, as we are staying home due to the current scenario caused by the second wave of coronavirus, we don’t have to wake up early and rush to our office, thus we have more time to take sufficient sleep and improve our overall health. A good night’s sleep can reduce the level of stress, boost immunity, and elevate mood levels as well. Sounds perfect! Isn’t it?

Strengthen The Relationship with Loved Ones

Relationship with Loved Ones

The hectic work life of the adults and the school work of the children, all of it has made it quite difficult to spend more quality time with our loved ones. Thankfully, as you are asked to stay indoors, it is the best opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones and strengthen our relationships. Children can help mothers in their house chores, parents can help their children in their online classes, and the elderly can be taken more care of so that they don’t feel stressed in these unprecedented times.

Final Thoughts

No matter the situation, the current pandemic has shown us the importance of small things that we didn’t consider luxury before. Although the lockdown and other COVID restrictions may check our patience level, yet it has made us realized the pleasure of the simplest things. However, if it’s not easy for you to see the positive in every situation, remind yourself that health is most precious and you can secure it just by “Staying Indoors”.

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