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Posted: 11 Jun 2021 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Here is Why Our Cold-pressed Juice is Saviour During the Hot Weather

Summers are here in full swing with the rising temperature and hot humid heatwaves across the nation. That being said, it becomes crucial to stay hydrated to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body, keep the body cool, and stay away from several health issues.

Before starting up, I would like to share the importance of hydration during summers and the serious troubles that you can face if not well-hydrated.

hydration during summers

  • Hydration helps in flushing out chemicals from the body
  • It helps in keeping up the energy levels
  • It promotes digestion
  • It helps in curbing hunger which aids in weight loss
  • It gives younger-looking and glowing skin naturally
  • It helps in regulating body temperature
  • Aids in protecting body organs and tissues
  • Lower the risk of heatstroke

Hydration has immense benefits to offer for you to stay fit & disease-free. On the contrary, even mild dehydration can make you tired, fatigued, cranky, moody, and makes it difficult to stay focused and productive at work.

Undoubtedly water is a miracle and nothing can replace it. Everybody knows that they have to drink sufficient water to stay healthy, but sometimes it becomes boring to drink water especially because it doesn’t taste like anything. Many of you might feel the same way. Isn’t it?

Let’s be realistic, we can’t follow a no-water lifestyle. But, we can surely give a shot to some healthy alternative to fulfill its requirement.

Without keeping you in suspense anymore, we would like to share this 100% natural and chemical-free cold-pressed juice called OMJOOS, which can be used as the best alternative to water. And the best part is- it tastes amazing too!

Here are some incredibly amazing reasons which make our refreshing juices the best summer drink of the town to stay fresh, healthy, and hydrated of course.

Keep scrolling to know how OMJOOS is the summer essential:

OMJOOS is the summer essential

  • OMJOOS is extracted using the cold-pressed technology due to which the juice is able to retain essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs in the summers to stay healthy
  • It is 100% free from sugar, colour, and any other flavour which makes it an ideal drink to increases your energy and mood levels as the temperature reaches new high everyday
  • The freshly pressed juice is made up of highly sourced fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in preventing digestive issues that are common in the summers and cleanse the body from inside
  • The vitamin C enriched OMJOOS like Pineapple, Pomegranate, Mandarin, Mosambi, Green Mix, or Green apple & Kiwi are an ideal drink to build a strong immune system, get glowing skin, and have lower blood pressure
  • Drinking our juice is an effective way to add those high-water content veggies in the diet that you don’t eat otherwise like cucumber, celery, lettuce, broccoli, spinach etc.
  • The juices are kept in an insulated dry ice container as a result chilled refreshed juices reached at your doorstep which is vital in reducing the body heat thus makes it ideal for a very hot summer day
  • Every COVID-19 safety and hygiene guidelines are being followed from the juicing to the delivery of the juices leaving no chance of getting contaminated as the coronavirus cases are surging
  • Since we do not have storage concept, our juices are pressed a few hours before delivery is due which helps in keeping the freshness and taste intact to help you beat the summer heat

However, other readymade juices and aerated drinks are loaded up with sugar and adulteration that will not do the justice rather they will cause harm to the health. Due to high sugar content and other artificial ingredients they can cause various health issues as well like diarrhea, obesity, cavity, fatigue etc. For this reason, if you don’t like juicing at home, consider a brand that is serving fresh, natural, and chemical-free juices.

If you are struggling to add more fluid to your daily regime, here are a few tips & tricks that might help:

Water Importance

  • Set reminder
  • Always carry a water bottle along with you
  • Drink water as snacking or before the meals
  • Set a goal to drink one glass of water every hour
  • Use any app to count the number of a glass of water
  • Keep a water jug nearby
  • Eat foods high in water like lettuce, celery, cabbage, cantaloupe, cucumber etc.

Final Thoughts

Basically, our juice is made up of fresh ingredients using cold-pressed technology, and free from any additives which makes it great to cool off, gets instant hydration, and gets soothing effects from within with a good taste. As we welcome summers, let’s refresh and replenish our body through our wide range of freshly pressed juices to satisfy your thirst and stay cool all summer long.

So go ahead, enjoy these healthy juices, keep yourself safe and eat nutritious diet to ensure a healthy and happy summer 2021! 

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