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Posted: 12 Oct 2021 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Do You Want To Control The Urge To Drink Too Much Soda? Here's How

I have been a Pepsi fan for so long. Soft drinks were a crucial part of my diet. I was so much addicted to it that I couldn’t even eat my food alongside sipping on this sugary drink. Although I was fully aware of the side-effects associated with drinking such unhealthy carbonated sodas, I couldn’t change my harmful habit or maybe I didn’t try much until I started observing ill effects.

As soon as I noticed that I have been rapidly gaining weight, having anxiety issues, low-energy levels, and disturbed sleeping patterns. It came out as a turning point when I decided to put an end to my unhealthy obsession of drinking caffeinated drinks. Luckily, after a lot of patience and practice, I managed to quit it.

Since you are here, chances are that you too are stuck in the same zone. But as they say, it’s better later than ever. So, you’re on the right track. I will be sharing some of the many ways that helped me give up the cravings and switched to a healthy lifestyle. Hope it helps you to control drinking soda and take up healthier choices instead.

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Awareness & Acceptance

Awareness and Acceptance

The first step towards change is awareness followed by acceptance. Knowing your triggers is the most important step if you’re willing to control your unhealthy habit and indulge in healthier ones. Get yourself educated about the danger of the sugar poison that you drink regularly or more often.

Sometimes the fear made you break a bad habit that is wreaking havoc on your health. Understand what sparks your cravings so that you can learn to avoid such unwanted triggers. That’s how you can control the cravings and replace it with another healthy substitute.

Find Healthy Substitutes

Healthy Substitutes of Soda - Drink OMJOOS

Now that you determine why you crave soda- caffeine rush or sugar, the next step is to try other alternatives for it so that you can move away from the soda addiction. We can’t ignore the negative side effects of caffeine, especially if you’re drinking it too much. Moderation consumption doesn’t make difference but having it in excess can be harmful therefore cut off tea or coffee as a substitute to sodas or energy drinks.

 If it’s the caffeine you miss then try green tea. If it’s sugar then fresh cold-pressed juices, coconut water, buttermilk and soups are far better options that not only taste good but also fulfill the nutritional requirement of the body. Nevertheless, the best and healthiest option will always be water. Keep reading.

Make Water Taste Better

Make Water Taste Better

You likely already know the incredible benefits of drinking water. Your body uses water to provide health benefits for almost everything, for cutting down your caffeine habit too. Unfortunately, the lack of taste in water makes it the last choice when it comes to drinks.

The good news is that you can jazz up the taste of water to make it tasty with a few natural ingredients. Here are a few options that you might try to satisfy your cravings:

  • Squeeze lemon and add honey into hot water
  • Slice cucumber and add to water for a refreshing taste
  • Add ginger, mint leaves, lemon & honey
  • You can also add lime, grapefruit or orange. They also enhance the taste of water due to their naturally strong flavour

 Keep Cutting Down The Soda

?Keep Cutting Down The Soda

After picking up the healthier alternatives that you enjoy the most, now you have to replace your daily dose of soda with the new drinks and water. That way you can stay hydrated, reap many health benefits without adding inches to your waistline and most importantly control your soda intake.

Continue decreasing the soda intake and adding up the healthy drinks on a regular basis until you completely eliminates the consumption. This process might take months, especially when you are indulged over years. So, just allow your body to get adapted to it.

Avoid Triggers

Avoid Triggers

In addition to the drinks that I have discussed above, you can also do something enjoyable to distract your mind whenever it makes you tempted for sugary drinks or sodas. Given below are some things that I do to control my mind thus cravings:

  •  Go for a walk or exercise
  • Indulge in a yoga session
  • Chew sugarless chewing gum
  • Talk to a friend/loved one
  • Play some outdoor games
  • Make a list of the reasons for which you want to quit soda

Final Thoughts

To every soft drinks fan out there, remember that it might get difficult while making the switch from daily soda habit to lower the consumption and then completely cut it off. All you need is to stay focused on your goal, understand the dangers linked with regular indulging in such drinks, and keep trying. I am sure you’ll proud to be off the sugary stuff and welcome new healthy habits

So, that’s how I stopped drinking soda and now you can too! Go for it

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