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Posted: 11 Mar 2022 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Holi 2022: These 7 Delicious Snacks Are Perfect For Holi Indulgence

As we enter the hotter days of the year, everyone awaits this wonderful festival of colours called Holi. It is a festival that is not about just playing with colours or have fun with your loved ones but also about mouth-watering snacks and sweets that are too good to miss. Like many of you, I also can’t wait to eat those scrumptious Holi treats.

Undoubtedly it is a great delight for the foodies like us, but at the same time, these unhealthy treats coated with sugar can put a dent in our fitness regime by loading us with extra empty calories and weight gain, of course! Over the years since the pandemic hit the nation, it has become crucial to take extra care of their health. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the diet while indulging in this joyful festival.

Well, I am not asking you to ditch the Holi treats instead give it a healthy twist by choosing the alternatives that are healthier yet tastier. Keep scrolling to find out such healthier versions of Holi that you can consume guilt freely and celebrate Holi with no health-related worries.

1. Naturally Sweet “Thandai”

Sweet Thandai

There is nothing better than sipping on this refreshing and cooling summer beverage – Thandai during the Holi festivities. It makes the festival complete by lifting up mood levels, taste buds, and also consists of a handful of health benefits. However, mostly store-bought Thandai are filled up with excessive sugar which is enough to hamper your healthy lifestyle.

The good news is that you can still enjoy this refreshing treat, just by preparing it on your own using healthier alternatives like organic/ toned milk, dry fruits, and jaggery, honey, or coconut sugar to add sweetness to it. Sounds yum, Isn’t it?

2. Chemical-free Cold-pressed Juices

Chemical-free Cold-pressed Juices

A glass of fresh cold-pressed juice will give you the energy to play Holi all day long. This snack for Holi is highly recommended so that you stay hydrated while reap out numerous healthy benefits. Your guests will also appreciate you for showing concern for their health. It’s the little things that matter to make people feel loved and valued. Besides this fresh beverage, Jaljeera is another great choice to have whole celebrating the festival of colours.

3. Brown/Whole-grain Bread Dahi Vada

Whole-grain Bread Dahi Vada


This is yet another popular Holi snack that is perfect to satisfy dahi vada cravings in a healthier way. It is super easy to make so that you don’t end up staying in the kitchen during this fun festive. And, the best part is these are non-fried which makes it super healthy to consume. This instant recipe is prepared using bread, dahi, and your favourite dry fruits. Top it with homemade fresh mint or Imli chutney and you’re good to go.

4. Low-Cal Quinoa Kheer

Low-Cal Quinoa Kheer


Call it Quinoa kheer or Quinoa pudding, this creamy and delicious kheer is the best healthy alternative to rice and sugar-coated kheer. This 3-ingredient recipe is a big super hit. All you need is to thicken the milk and add quinoa, dry fruits, and cardamom with a pinch of saffron to add extra flavour to it. Use healthy sugar alternatives to make it sweet as per your taste buds, and Voila, thick delicious Quinoa Kheer is ready. It is healthier, delicious, protein-rich, and packed with nutrition. Enjoy it warm or cold. Bet, this will impress your family members & guests too.

5. Nuts And Seeds

Nuts And Seeds

What if I tell you that you can have tasty snacks and a boost of immunity altogether? Sounds amazing, Right? Well, the delicious and nutritious blend of various nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, raisins and seeds like chia, sunflower, pumpkin or flax seeds makes a great protein-packed snack for the Holi celebration. Crunchy chickpeas, quinoa, coconut, and veggies make for great additions to this on-the-go snack. I like to eat this along with yoghurt and trust me, it tastes delectable. Do give it a try!

6. Makhanas

 Healthy Makhanas


We can never get enough of this traditional and desi snack during any festivities. Despite the many health benefits of Makhanas because of its protein and low calories content, it tastes absolutely delish. The spicy makhanas can be made within minutes and can be paired up with every Holi beverage be it cold or hot. Grab a handful of makhanas whenever the urge to get indulge in sugary food strikes. It will keep you full for longer and also keep such hunger pangs away.

7. Baked Gujiyas

Baked Gujiyas

Keeping the most-favourite and drool-worthy snack for Holi for last. This mouth-watering snack needs no introduction. I don’t want you to miss out on this snack. However, since we are going healthier this Holi so all you need is to replace fried Gujiyas with baked Gujiyas. Internet is full of recipes for healthier versions of baked Gujiyas. It takes smart addition like wheat flour, dry fruits, healthy sugar alternatives, and even some fruits like pineapple or grapes for the preparation of tasty baked Gujiya. This way, you can easily eliminate a lot of saturated fat.

Final Thoughts

Like every festival, Holi is also incomplete without some tasty food. All you need is to make smart decisions and choices to maintain the sweetness of this colourful festival without compromising on our health goals. The above listed have the same punch and flavour without any unhealthy element that can wreak havoc to your health. It’s definitely not impossible to maintain diet during the festivals.

This Holi season, eat the guilt-free delights, play organic and safe Holi. Hope these sweet treats will add more fun to your celebration. Happy Holi Folks!

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