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Posted: 22 Apr 2022 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Food Trends In The Market: Food Trends Ruling In New Normal

The unfortunate times of the deadly infectious disease- Coronavirus has changed our lives upside down. There has been a massive transformation in the lives of the people in one way or another. From how we live, eat, drink, shop, or work, every aspect of our life has been changed in order to adapt to this new normal.

While some changes were not appreciated by us all, like the way we greet our loved ones or the frustration of wearing face masks all day long, luckily there have been some changes that has proved to be good for mankind. And, Food and Beverage Industry has been the biggest example of it.

Food and beverages have been something that has been put much emphasis on since the outbreak of Coronavirus. So, in order to continue with this ever-evolving saga, the F&B industry has also adopted some big changes that turned out to be beneficial for our health.

This blog will outline such popular trends shaped by the global crisis for this huge industry. Keep scrolling to know so that you can also take maximum benefits out of it!

Immunity Drinks

Immunity Drinks - OMJOOS

stronger gut is vital to stay protected and fight off any deadly virus effectively. During the entire COVID period, experts advised drinking immunity-boosting drinks to give a natural boost to the system and stay protected. While Haldi-doodh and Kadha have been the top picks, food & beverage companies & restaurants started experimenting and introducing various immunity-boosting drinks too.

OMJOOS, has also been loved by all the fitness concerned people for its range of refreshing and pure immunity boosting juices. We have seen high demand for such immunity-boosting drinks even after the situation is getting back to normal.

Increase in The Demand of Local Food

Demand of Local Food

#VocalForLocal, well this hashtag has taken over social media since the global pandemic, which is undoubtedly a great initiative by the community as a whole. Small food businesses had a hard time surviving the challenging times of Coronavirus.

Luckily, through social media awareness and realising the importance of eating local fresh food, people came forward and invested more in buying and shopping local. We would urge everyone to support locals regardless of the circumstance to grow our community. It’s the small steps that lead to a big impact.

Technology Advancement

Technology Advancement

The pandemic led to an inevitable surge in the use of digital technologies. Digital menus, digital modes of payment, home delivery, etc. have been accelerated during the pandemic and all of it was possible because of digital transformation and technologies.

Although the situation has become currently normal, restaurant and bars are still leveraging the use of this technology because it is convenient, quick, and can create an interactive experience for their guests. People are also appreciating this big digital change because now it has become easier to order.

Vegan & Homely Food

Homely Food - OMKITCHEN

Nothing can beat the freshness and purity of homemade food. The COVID period was a lesson for all of us that how incredibly lucky are us for being able to eat healthy nutritious daily diets. Tiffin services have also gained popularity during the COVID times, for those who were staying afar from home or affected by the disease, have been solely dependent on homely healthy tiffin service for regular nutritious meals.

A plant-based diet is hugely followed by people being more fitness enthusiasts. Everybody wants to eat clean, pure, and healthy food, and for this reason, an organic and plant-based diet is something that people are investing in. Restaurants and cafes are also coming up with vegan food to attract customers.

Takeaway & Deliveries


Keeping up with the changing trends to cater demands of the customers. Restaurants and cafes have food takeaway and delivery services while adhering to maximum safety and hygiene guidelines. Even the big restaurants have introduced these measures to ensure less human contact and safety.

Final Thoughts

As people are becoming more conscious about their lifestyle choices, they are now making more thoughtful decisions about what to eat, where to eat, and how to eat. However, the spotlight is now on the food and beverages industry that is continuing to shift and evolve that is making a significant impact on one’s health. Make sure you take full advantage of it and don’t forget to live a healthy lifestyle.

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