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Posted: 08 Jun 2022 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Do You Have Dry Skin? Here Are Some Natural Summer Skin-Care Tips You Need To Know

Summertime has come, and so are the summer-related skin issues. The rising temperature and exposure to the sun for a prolonged period make it worse for almost every skin type, however, dry skin has to be affected the most. Whether your skin is naturally dry or it has become so because of the weather change, summer days are harsh for you guys. 

Being someone with dry and cracking skin, I can understand how uncomfortable, itchy, and difficult it gets to manage dry skin. Like many of you, I did try heavy lotions and creams to improvise the skin texture but that either produces oil or leaves the skin flaky and dull after the moisturizer dries out.

Why Choose Natural Remedies For Dry Skin?

Natural Remedies For Dry Skin

Sure, moisturizers are effective to relieve dry skin, however, they are not the only solution to this common problem. Natural remedies tend to be pure and free from any chemicals or fragrances that might irritate the skin or leave your skin drier than before.

Skincare is a daily habit not just for the period when you’re facing trouble issues, therefore, it has to be simple. If you have sensitive skin or breakouts, it’s a great idea to rely on homemade remedies for soothing the skin rather than piling up products made up of preservatives or chemicals.

Above everything, since you’re fully aware of all-natural ingredients, you can put more trust in the entire beauty routine and saves money too. What’s better than this?

After a tad bit of research and personally trying out various remedies, I have finally found some surprisingly natural ways that you can also follow to treat skin dryness.

They are all-natural, effective, and can be easily followed so that you don’t need to visit your dermatologist this summer! Say Goodbye to chapped and dry skin with these naturally effective remedies. Let’s get straight into it!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep Yourself Hydrated - OMJOOS

Nothing can beat the importance of skin hydration. We all have been listening to this for years that skin hydration is crucial and it’s the time to take it seriously for one step closer to better, soft, and smooth skin. If you’re not drinking plenty of water, it will naturally look dull, cracked-up, and dry. So, pledge to drink 6-7 ounces of water in a day to fulfil the hydration requirement of the body.

You can also drink OMJOOS cold-pressed juices to get additional benefits than just hydration because the juices are 100% natural, chemical-free, and tasty. My favourite has to be their Watermelon cold-pressed juice. Give it a try!

Scrub it Off

skincare routine to make the skin look healthier

Scrubbing aka Exfoliation is an important part of the skincare routine to make the skin look healthier and supple. Since you’re having dry skin, it becomes even more crucial because scrubbing will help you to remove the dry and dead cells which make your skin dry. Here are a few of the best homemade scrubs that will give you beautiful, glowing, and smooth skin.

  • Green Tea & Honey Scrub
  • Coconut oil & Lemon Scrub
  • Almond Scrub
  • Coffee bean Scrub

Apply Coconut Oil on Face

Thanks to the versatile property of Coconut, whether you drink it, use it in cooking, or apply it to your face, the usage of Coconut is many. A lot of brands use coconut as one of the ingredients because of its immense skin benefits for improvising the skin texture and providing hydration. Since you’re here, I don’t want you to spend much on buying products, rather just buy coconut oil, which can also be easily found in every household. Isn’t it? Take a thin layer in your palm, rub together, and massage it in a circular motion. Make it a part of your daily routine and, you’re good to go! Use organic coconut oil if possible.

Use Homemade DIY Face Masks

A skincare routine without face masks is incomplete. Right? Of course, you can find out a handful of face masks or sheets in the market but nothing can beat the power of homemade ones. The best part is- you can use the ingredients that suit your skin and benefit it. These face masks are also great for other skin issues like redness, bumpy skin, sun tan, or pigmentation. I usually make my homemade face masks from this amazing DIY face masks list shared by Purple. They require minimal ingredients and are definitely effective to treat skin in this hot weather. Must-try!

Nourish Your Skin with Aloe Vera

Do you have this wonderful plant in your garden? If not, please grow it. The aloe vera gel is a popular remedy for treating skin dryness. Due to its healing and hydrating properties, it makes an ideal substitute to keep away your dry skin woes. Swap out your regular moisturizer with this amazing plant to treat many underlying skin conditions including dry skin. It softens the skin, unclogs the pores, and acts as a great agent for reducing redness and a certain type of skin irritation too. Apply it overnight to wake up to silky smooth skin.

Follow Face Shaving Rules

Dry face shaving is a BIG NO! If you already have dry skin, it doubles up the chance of breakouts or causes other skin infections. Always shave at the end of bath or gently wet the face, pat the towel, and wait for a while to get it to soften adequately. Ensure clean and sanitized blades to avoid any dry skin patches. Apply aloe vera gel right after shaving for the smooth shiny look!

Use Natural Soaps/Facewash

It is quite important to use the appropriate soap or facewash because mostly perfume soaps irritate and leads to dryness. We can’t avoid these basic steps to have clean and clear skin, especially in the summers when sweating and dust are enough to affect our skin. Always go for a chemical-free soap bar or face wash. Many brands are coming up with organic beauty products as people are getting conscious about the ingredients. Do your research and read the labels carefully before investing in any product.

Final Thoughts

Social media is bombarded with tips, tricks, and products to treat skin dryness or any other skin-related issue. It can easily make you a fool and you may end up working on a tip or buying a skin product that is not even suitable for your skin type. Don’t forget that our skin is the most sensitive part so it’s essential for you to know your skin type and put your focus more on natural remedies to treat the skin rather layering it up with unnecessary face masks/creams which can even trigger the skin. Visit your nearby dermatologist if your skin is still acting up and having infections despite treating it with natural ways.

Also, a quick reminder to always feel confident in your skin and never compare it with anyone else.

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