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Posted: 11 Jul 2022 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Healthy And Easy Breakfast Recipes For Busy Mornings

Mornings are like a rollercoaster ride from the moment you wake up. Finishing chores, getting yourself ready, taking out some time to work out, and if you’re a working mother things get more difficult because now you have to make something wholesome and delicious for the kids to pack their tiffin, too.

By now we all know the importance of eating breakfast. To make sure the day goes smoother and we can stay productive at work, consuming healthy breakfast is the most crucial part to have a good start to the day. However, in the midst of all this morning madness, breakfast often gets skipped or neglected by many.

We agree that nobody wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Especially in the morning, when there are other numerous important day-to-day things lined up. But that also doesn’t imply ignoring it together. Isn’t it?

So, to help you overcome this situation, we are going to suggest you some tasty, delicious, and most importantly quick breakfast ideas so that you never miss breakfast again, and have the most out of it, too! 

Fresh Juice

Nothing better than drinking a glass of refreshing juice to begin the day. Juice is nutritious, filling, and hydrating, which is the need of the hour to stay protected from this hot and humid temperature. Additionally, it can be prepared in no time. Just gather the fresh seasonal fruits and blend them together. Does it get more simple?

If you are not into juicing, we have got you covered. At OMJOOS, we serve freshly pressed juices which are 100% chemical-free and tasty that can make your mornings a lot better and healthy of course. We may sound biased here, so give it a try to experience the best taste of the town!

Vegetable Sandwich

This recipe is bliss during busy mornings and for the fussy eaters of the house, especially your little ones. It can be difficult to incorporate vegetables in the daily diet. Isn’t it? Luckily by eating a vegetable sandwich you can easily increase the intake of veggies full of taste and nutrition.

Use various fresh seasonal veggies like beetroots, cucumbers, lettuce or spinach. Make it as healthy as possible by using whole grain bread. Strictly avoid using store-bought sauces instead add homemade chutneys to add extra taste and health to it.

Quinoa Salad

Not in the mood to eat your usual vegetable or fruit salad everyday? Try this lip-smacking recipe straightaway. Made up with fresh cucumber, chickpeas, lemon dressing, and quinoa, this is an ultimate crispy and delicious salad that you can’t say no.

This protein-packed breakfast can also be prepared with the leftover quinoa which actually makes it among our list of quick vegetarian breakfast ideas. Combine it with a glass of refreshing cold-pressed juice and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to thank us later!

Overnight Oats

Smart people plan ahead! With this thought in mind, presenting you our other protein-rich breakfast idea that will surely leave you wanting more. It is prepared super-quick by soaking the combination of milk, oats, and water with some cinnamon or other spices for taste.

Let it fridge for the night and wake up the next morning to this thick pudding like consistency that you can highly enjoy when topped with fresh berries, nuts, and a drizzle of honey. Our mouth is already watering, what about you?

Spinach Pancake

Image: ketunhanta.blogspot.com

Get over your regular pancake because “Spinach Pancake” is here to rule. Packed with ample health, nutrition, and taste, these scrumptious pancakes are a great option for breakfast Made up of whole-wheat flour, yoghurt, spinach, and an array of spices, this can be a great way to add spinach into your diet, and also for kids. Have it for breakfast or pack in tiffin to get the most of it.

Berry Smoothies

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the one for you. Berries are popular during the summer season and definitely a great way to beat the heat. They are so filling that will give you a feeling of a fuller stomach for a long hence helping in weight management too.

All you need is to add frozen berries into yoghurt and natural sweeteners like honey, if you desire. The best part is- It takes about 5 minutes to make. Mornings are for fresh starts, and a nice thick and creamy smoothie can make it even fresher. Use almond milk, chia seeds, or nuts to increase the health quotient and taste obviously.

Beetroot Parantha

Image: nmamilife.com

Add a nutritious and delicious twist to your regular paratha by adding beetroot. You all must know that beetroot has numerous health benefits from keeping blood pressure in check to provide the body with an abundance of vitamin C, beetroot has it all!

That’s why it can be a great option for the usual fare. Add some grated beetroot to your atta and make dough as usual. Serve it hot with curd and pickle for the best experience. Undoubtedly, it is a great idea to make your kids eat beetroot and fully enjoy the taste. Similarly, you can use dal or spinach to make delicious paratha.

Yoghurt Rice

Image: myeatingspace.com

Our list of super-quick breakfast ideas is incomplete without a South Indian staple. South Indian food has been popular for more than a century, and for good reasons. So, we didn’t want you to miss out on that.

This comforting breakfast is filling and very helpful for digestion. It’s just rice, yoghurt, and salt with other ingredients to enhance the overall taste. We suggest to add pomegranates as toppings, it really tastes so good.

Final Thoughts

With the deliciously quick breakfast ideas that we have shared above, you no longer need to skip the most important meal of the day- Breakfast. Head over to our lip-smacking easy breakfast recipes when you are in rush or out of ideas to prepare something quickly. Not just it will keep you going throughout the day but also provide your body with essential nutrients that will help to keep you fit in the long run.

A healthy and tasty breakfast doesn’t need to be complicated. Hope these amazing ideas will help to make your morning a lot better, healthier, and happier!

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