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Posted: 01 Aug 2022 By: Rashi Chaudhary

6 Mocktail Recipes You Won't Believe It is Healthy

Let’s be honest, water is the best beverage of all time due to the many incredible advantages it offers to our well-being. However, you’re not alone if you get bored of the plain taste of water every now and then, and that’s when a healthy Mocktail comes into the scene.

With whatever we have faced in the past two years, one thing that has been proved beneficial is the gradual shift of mankind towards healthy eating and drinking. Nowadays people want to invest in a healthy lifestyle not just in terms of food but beverages too. This won’t come as a surprise that alcohol is harmful to our health, so people are opting for natural and healthy alcohol-free  mocktail recipes to enjoy a tasty drink and reap many good benefits linked with each recipe without compromising on health.

If you are looking forward to ditch alcohol and sugary sodas or are bored of drinking plain water, this is the blog that you should definitely give read to discover 6 easy and delicious mocktail recipes free of alcohol, sugar, and chemicals but definitely full of health.

1. Watermelon Cooler

Watermelon cold-pressed juice

The juicy and super-hydrating watermelon is our favourite pick when it comes to creating mocktails. Watermelon is great for glowing skin, hair, preventing heat strokes and lowering LDL or “bad cholesterol” levels. Also to get some relief from this hot and humid temperature, watermelon infused cooler makes a great choice.

All you need is pure watermelon juice, freshly squeezed lime juice, honey as a sweetener, and mint to add extra punch to the whole recipe. That’s it. Your tasty and cooling watermelon mocktail is ready! It’s sweet, refreshing, and full of nutrition. To make your work a hell lot easier, we would suggest you to choose OMJOOS Watermelon cold-pressed juice which is absolutely free from any added preservatives, chemicals or sugar.

2. Berry-Berry Strawberry

healthy mocktail

Sweet tooth’s, this berry-berry sweet and refreshing recipe is for you! This is a wonderful yet healthy mocktail to keep you cool in this hot and humid temperature.

In this recipe, the goodness of strawberries is combined with zesty lime juice followed by your favourite sweeteners- honey or maple syrup, to give you a sweet & tangy taste. Being rich in vitamin C, strawberries and lemon make a great addition to give you a natural boost of immunity, good skin, energy with many other nutritional perks. This is going to be your go-to drink on busy mornings and obviously for good reasons.

3. For The Love of “Sangria”

healthy sangria recipe

Believe us, there is no better drink to serve your guests than this healthy sangria recipe. The best part is- it is incredibly easy to make Sangria at home. Replace wine with pure pomegranate or cranberry juice to give the perfect red colour. Packed with antioxidants, both juices are loaded with amazing benefits like treating UTI’s, lower blood pressure, protecting teeth, and providing relief to joint pain as per best health.

Just add a whole spoon of lime or lemon juice to give extra punch and mix it well. Top it with mint leaves or freshly cut fruits like apple or pomegranate and serve in glasses with ice. It can’t get any better, even the kids will love it!

4. Goodness of Greens

Vitamin-C enriched

If you want to infuse your body with the goodness of greens, try this vibrant and zesty blend which contains the ingredients that might already be available in your fridge. Combine hydrating cucumber, dark leafy spinach and kale full of antioxidants, with Vitamin-C enriched pineapple.

Now the twist here is, skip the regular juicing instead add coconut water and lime juice in a blender with the healthy ingredients shared above and mix them well. This drink is sweet, refreshing, and a total-crowd pleaser.

5. Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch

With the delicious mix of orange and pineapple juice combined with sliced kiwi, lemonade or coconut water, this mocktail is perfect that everyone can enjoy either adults or kids. The fact that is super easy and quick, makes it the go-to drink to serve your guests.

You can get the natural cold-pressed juices from us and the rest of the ingredients can be easily found. Considering the ingredients, this recipe is a powerhouse of vitamin C. I bet, it will leave you asking for more!

6. Go Nuts with ‘Coco’- Nut Lime Water

Nut Lime Water

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen during busy mornings. If you’re one of them, this refreshing recipe is for you. Infused with super good ingredients like coconut, lime juice, and honey, this is a tasty and healthy mocktail to stay refreshed and energized all day long.

Coconut lime water drink is an ideal pick to replenish the loss of water, especially after workouts. The super-hydrating nature of coconut makes it a great choice to quench thirst. On the other hand, vitamin C- enriched lemon makes the drink more magical by offering several health benefits.

Keep reading below to know the amazing recipe for this tropical drink

  • Take one glass of coconut water
  • Add a tablespoon of lime juice
  • Add honey, rock salt, pepper, and mint leaves to add taste
  • Mix well and garnish with a slice of lemon on the glass

Final Thoughts

Considering the number of perks associated with each healthy mocktail recipe shared above, it seems worth considering them. They are perfect to give you something with a little more flair and flavor. Do try them and let us know which flavour you like the most.

You can also come up and create your own healthy version of mocktails using natural and sugar-free ingredients. There are endless ways of flavouring. Find the quantities and ratios that work for you and you’re good to go. Cheers!

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