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Posted: 22 Aug 2022 By: Rashi Chaudhary

8 Things You Should Always Check When Choosing a Cold-pressed Juice Brand

To achieve a healthier, energetic, and disease-free life, adding fresh juice into your daily diet is one of the best things you can do. A well-balanced diet is all about consuming the crucial vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for the proper functioning of bodily systems, and juices made up of natural ingredients without the usage of any refined products can fulfil this purpose.

Want to know how? Keep reading.

Fresh juices are prepared using the freshest seasonal fruits or veggies using the best technique to retain maximum goodness called “Cold-pressing, which can provide your body with all the nutritious components that are essential building blocks of our body.

If we talk about cold-pressed juice, it is darker, thicker, and has more fibre and juice than centrifugal juice or other adulterated packaged juices available on the market. In a way, it is comparatively the best alternative to easily consume fresh fruits and veggies and get the maximum health value and nutrients.

By now, we believe you understand the process of cold-pressed juices, however, the problem arises when there are too many brands available in the market and it gets confusing to pick the best one.

Since you are here, chances are that you're stuck in this dilemma, so, to help you sort through numerous options, we are here to help you out!

This blog will introduce you to some clever tips that can help analyse the good and bad when it comes to choosing the right cold-pressed juice brand.  Here’s how you can pick the best cold-pressed juice brand!

1. Quality of Fruits/Vegetables

Quality of Fruits

It's very important to know how the brand sources the fruits and veggies that are being used for juicing. It is a great way to check whether the brand is authentic or not. Most brands clearly mention their sourcing process on their website or social media channels. If not, you are always open to seeking information from the brand itself before investing. FSSAI accredited laboratories are used to ensure the supreme quality of fruits and vegetables. As a consumer, you can request this information before choosing the brand. Also, look out for whether it's natural or organic.

2. Source of Sugar


If the cold-pressed juice tastes sweeter it is mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Usage of high-quality or organic fruits & vegetables
  • Usage of natural sweeteners like honey
  • Usage of artificial sweeteners to enhance the taste

The above-shared reasons are great ways to determine the quality of a juice brand. Always choose the one which is either naturally sweet because of the quality of products used or contains healthier sugar alternatives i.e., Honey.

3. Shelf Life

Shelf Life of Cold Pressed Juices

This is yet another important factor when it comes to choosing a cold-pressed juice brand as per your requirements. Generally, cold-pressed juice brands use the HPP (High-Pressure Processing) technique that increases the shelf life of juices; however, it degrades the quality and makes it less nutritious.

If you come through any brand having a shorter shelf-life like OMJOOS, don't consider it a downside. The reason the shelf life is shorter is that these juices don't undergo HPP therefore they can retain more health value and nutrition. We all know that natural juices can't be stored for a long period, even when stored in the refrigerator at recommended temperature.

4. Level of Hygiene

Level of Hygiene

A healthy cold-pressed juice brand must adhere to all safety and hygiene precautions. When we talk about healthy juice, it’s not just the quality that matters but also the cleaning, chopping, pressing, bottling and delivery of juices that matter a lot. Maintaining safety and hygiene has become paramount after the pandemic scare. Therefore, the area in which the juice is pressed, the utensils, packaging and all the way to point of delivery play a major role. So, before choosing a cold-pressed juice brand you need to know this.

5. Availability of Juice Variants

Juice Variants of OMJOOS

We consume the juices to serve a variety of purposes. Sometimes it is to give a quick immunity boost while other times it is to enhance the quality of skin or hair or just to increase the intake of green veggies as a part of a well-balanced diet. For this reason, it is important to consume different juices to get the maximum benefits required for fulfilling our health goals. Therefore, always pick a cold-pressed juice brand which has different juice options to choose from.

6. Type of Bottle

Type of Bottle

The quality of juice does not only depend upon the ingredients used for preparing it but also on its ‘Packaging’. It plays a great role in keeping the freshness intact and retaining its taste and nutritional value. While Glass, Plastic, and PET are among the popular packaging for juices, glass is considered the best out of them all not just because it maintains the flavour and quality but also because it's sustainable and infinitely recyclable or reusable.

7. Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews give you a clear idea of the brand and its products before purchasing it. In the same way we ask our friends and family for recommendations, customer reviews on websites, social media pages, Google reviews etc. is another clever way to select the perfect cold-pressed juice brand and make a smart buying decision.

Read comments, reply on a thread to check the response, and chat with existing customers to know their feedback.

8. Delivery


In the daily hustle-bustle of life, we don't get enough time to juice at home or drop by a store for picking up juice regularly. Considering this, it is a smart decision to pick a cold-pressed juice brand which is open for delivery to your location - either home or workplace - so that you can sit back, relax, and take in the maximum benefits of the juices in your own space.

Final Thoughts

At OMJOOS, we are continuously putting in the effort to serve you 100% pure, tasty, and healthy cold-pressed juice in Delhi and NCR. From sourcing, and pressing, to delivering the juices to your doorstep, we follow the strictest safety and hygienic standards so that you not only receive the freshest juice but a seamless and safe delivery too.

OMJOOS delivers liquefied fruit and vegetable juice. It means each product is cold pressed diligently retaining individual health benefits and uniqueness of taste. We don't use HPP techniques to increase the shelf life which in turn benefits us in keeping live enzymes intact.

Being socially responsible, we follow sustainable practices such as using glass bottles, composting kitchen waste on our farms, feeding food scrap directly to cows etc. Such practices are being done to take care of the health of the community and environment as a whole.

There are dozens of options that you can use to easily find that claim to be healthy, we hope that you now have a better idea of how to invest in a cold-pressed juice brand that stands out from the crowd and for good reasons.

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