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Posted: 14 Sep 2022 By: Rashi Chaudhary

6 Best Lifestyle Tips To Reduce Bloating

Bloating can be caused due to various conditions, however, in most cases, this is a feeling that a lot of people experience occasionally after binge eating. The excess gas in the stomach cause bloating which is certainly the temporary side-effect of overeating particularly unhealthy higher-fat food items, indigestion, environmental change, or maybe intolerance to certain food like dairy products.

This is something that makes you feel heavy and uneasy. The stomach gets tight, swollen, and it gets too uncomfortable. As Diwali is approaching, there would be a lot of indulgence in lip-smacking festive food. And, there’s nothing wrong about that because what’s Diwali without devouring in tasty meals? It is absolutely natural to go a little off track.

Therefore, to help you out we have curated a guide on avoid bloating, after doing a tad bit of research. In this blog, we have lined up some essential lifestyle changes that will help you to prevent unpleasant bloating so you don’t have to sit and wait uncomfortably for it to go.

1. Keep Hydration Level in Check

Hydration has numerous benefits to keep the healthy functioning of the entire bodily system. But you might never know that drinking plenty of water can be incredibly beneficial for preventing bloating too. Amazing right?

According to a study by Harvard Health, one of the major causes behind bloating is water retention which is caused due to increase in intake of food high in sodium. By drinking plenty of water, the body can flush out excess sodium in the body thus help you feel way more comfortable. You can also drink refreshing chemical-free juices like OMJOOS to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body while reaping many benefits of fruit & vegetable juices. It will also keep you full for longer periods thus cut down on overeating, too.

2. Avoid Consuming Carbonated Sodas

Fizzy drinks are the talk of the town for years. The consumption of such drinks is associated with many harmful effects. Since we are here talking mainly about bloating, this won’t come as a surprise that these unhealthy drinks are a major cause of bloating as well because of the presence of carbon dioxide gas present in them that builds up in the stomach.

Carbonated sodas or beverages increase gas in the digestive system thus make you feel bloated. The amount of excessive artificial sugar and preservatives present in such beverages also lead to make you feel lethargic and contribute to massive weight gain, if consumed in excess. An alternative to sugary or caffeinated drinks is chemical-free juices or just give a taste to the water by adding lime juice, honey, ginger etc.

3. Eat Food That Gives Relief

The food that we eat plays a major role in inducing or minimizing the occurrence of bloating. Luckily, some common everyday foods can help to ease the discomfort caused by this unpleasant feeling. Following are the best foods that promote better bowel movements and reduce bloating.

  • Fresh Citrus fruits- oranges, grapefruit, sweet lemon
  • Green leafy vegetables- spinach, cabbage, lettuce, kale
  • Lentils
  • Banana
  • Cucumber
  • Ginger
  • Lentils
  • Curd

Review your food intake and identify the food item that triggers your digestion and eliminate it to see if you feel any better. By learning your dietary pattern, you can reduce the chances of bloating to a great extent. Take medical help because it can be difficult to know the intolerance of certain food items.

4. Cut Back On Salt Intake

As discussed above, consuming too much salt in excess causes water retention which will eventually result in bloating. Therefore, you need to put away the salt shaker along with processed food that you eat which is very high in sodium. Include different types of salt available in Indian cuisine to ensure you’re taking maximum benefits without ruining your health, not to forget the right amount.

5. Chew Well and Eat Slow

Besides what we eat, how we eat also affects the occurrence of bloating. For this reason, you must always chew the food properly and slowly rather than gulping it in a jiffy. If the food is not chewed properly it can lead to many health issues like constipation, lower energy level, headaches, and most importantly bloating.

This simple habit can have a huge impact on your health by preventing tooth decay, overeating, and smooth digestion of course. You will also feel way more satisfied post-eating. If you’re on a weight-loss journey, this tip will be a huge support.

Pro Tip: Eat smaller meals rather than large meals to keep bloating at bay.

6. Take A Walk

You are less likely to get affected by various health problems if exercise is a part of your regular routine. The same rule applies to reducing bloating. For all the couch potatoes out there, this is your reminder to get up and take a walk post eating to help move food quickly in the stomach, even the research has proved that gastric emptying is accelerated by walking.

On that note, don’t lie down after eating a large meal because it will leave you feeling bloated. Some Yoga postures can be a great help that you can do on a daily basis to melt the bloat away.

Final Thoughts

Bloating is not a cause of concern and with the easy tips mentioned above, you can easily get rid of it permanently. Healthy eating is always beneficial to stay away from common health issues like bloating. Rejuvenate your body physically and mentally while following the highlighted tips we have shared in this blog to effectively fight off bloating.

If you’re unfortunately experiencing bloating frequently or regularly after most meals, it is recommended to visit your nearby healthcare professional to examine the root cause and get the treatment done.

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