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Posted: 20 Mar 2023 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Replace 6 Common Unhealthy Breakfast Foods With These Healthier Alternatives

If you are a breakfast person, you know how good it feels after eating a nutritious breakfast as you look forward to kick start the day. When we eat healthy breakfasts, we feel a lot more energetic, focused, productive, and alert at work. Not only this, we tend to eat less during lunch thus can prevent overeating in general and supporting weight loss goals. There are several important health benefits we can get out of breakfast that’s why people say to eat breakfast like a king.

On the contrary, when we eat unhealthy breakfast or skip it altogether, there are increasing chances of lower energy levels, slow metabolism rate, increased cravings for processed food, weight gain, etc. Well, it clearly means that starting off the day by eating a healthy breakfast is beneficial for overall well-being comparatively.

What Should We Eat For Breakfast?

Fruits Bowl

Since what you eat in the morning sets the tone for the day. We need to be mindful and pick the healthier options which make us feel good physically and mentally. Eating healthy doesn’t mean being bland and boring all you need is to swap the popular unhealthy breakfast foods with healthier substitutes to enjoy a yummy and nutritious meal in the morning.

This blog has listed 6 unhealthy breakfast foods and their replacement with healthy breakfast ideas. They are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, or proteins and taste oh-so-good that they will leave you asking for more!

Let’s take a stroll and learn how to start the day on the right note!

1. Unhealthy: Sugary Juices/ Energy Drinks/ Caffeinated Drinks

    Healthy: Chemical-free Juices

Sugary juices, Energy drinks or caffeinated drinks have a high amount of sugar, caffeine, and other stimulates to give a sudden boost of energy but result in sleepiness and a sluggish feeling after sometime called sugar crash. Such drinks are extremely harmful for repeated consumption. Their consumption is also linked to severe dehydration, weight gain, disturbance in sleeping patterns, tiredness, and elevated anxiety levels.

Replacing these unhealthy drinks with fresh fruit juices which is an extract of seasonal fresh fruits filled with essential vitamins and minerals is the best choice. They are naturally sweetened and absolutely free from any artificial emulsifiers. They contain natural nutrients that are energy and metabolism boosters. Chemical-free juices also maintain the hydration level and keep you cool on these hot days of the year.

2. Unhealthy: White Bread

    Healthy: Pancakes

Image source: nutritionstudies.org

White Bread is the staple breakfast food for years. There are so many recipes made out of white bread which can be prepared in no time thus it is considered a convenient food on busy mornings. But, bread is a high-carb food made out of wheat flour and consists of no health advantages. In fact, there are so many dangers of eating white bread like obesity, diabetes, and increased risk of heart disease.

Sure, whole-grain bread is a great substitute for white bread as it is in vitamins, protein, and antioxidants. But, to be on the far healthier side, pancaked made out of Buckwheat aka Kuttu Flour, and Millet aka Bajra flour makes an extremely delicious and healthy breakfast idea. Both flours are best alternatives to wheat flour and are great sources of energy and keep you full for longer. Add the toppings of fresh fruits and dry fruits to enjoy a heavenly experience.

3. Unhealthy: Sugary Cereal

    Healthy: Oatmeal

Sugary and flavoured cereals aren’t doing any favour to your health. They come in a variety of flavours, are made up of refined grains full of sugar and rapidly increase your blood sugar level because they are highly processed. Not to mention you are going to get hungry again in sometime. It clearly means they are not the best breakfast everyday option.

Swap this with oatmeal which almost has the same crunch as cereal but is extremely nutritious. This bowl of healthy goodness is a great source of fiber and protein. It is more filling due to the high fiber content. It provides sustained energy levels and also helps you to manage weight. You can also make Idlis, Dosas, Uttapams, Cookies, Cakes, Pies, and Smoothies to take the maximum out of oats which have numerous advantages to provide our bodies.

Tip: Buy unflavoured oats by carefully checking the nutrition label. To add taste, use healthy alternatives like fresh fruits, honey, and chia seeds.

4. Unhealthy: Flavoured Yoghurt

    Healthy: Plain Yoghurt

Flavoured yoghurt often consists of artificial ingredients like flavors, colours, and preservatives, which can be harmful to health in the long run.

On the other hand, you have full control over what to add to the plain yoghurt. You can sweeten it with natural sweeteners like fresh fruits, dry fruits, and nuts or add the crunchiness through seeds or granola. Plain yoghurt is high in protein and a better option to keep you full and satisfied for a longer period without causing any side effects to your health. It is super easy to make and can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

5. Unhealthy: Sandwiches/ Wrap

    Healthy: Vegetable Chapati Roll


Image source: indianhealthyrecipes.com

Sandwiches or wraps are yet another popular unhealthy breakfast foods which sure are prepared in a jiffy but the addition of highly processed cheese, mayonnaise, and other sauces including the white bread commonly used makes it unsafe to consume on a daily basis.

The best healthy alternative to it is Vegetable Chapati Wrap. This is also a great way to use leftover veggies and increase the intake of vegetables in the diet of fussy eaters of the house who struggle to eat them otherwise. All you need is to stuff the sabzi in chapatti and roll it up tightly. Use any homemade chutney to add taste and you’re good to go.

6. Unhealthy: Fried Food

    Healthy: Idli With Coconut Chutney

Fried foods are high in calories, salt, and sugar thus contributing to weight gain, cholesterol levels, sugar level, or type 2 Diabetes. So, if you want to have a nutritious start of the day super tasty and super filling Idli makes yet another healthy breakfast idea. They are packed with nutrition, easy to digest, and taste so good. Combine it with homemade green chutney or sambhar, if you have extra time in the busy mornings. You’re all set to begin the day with good food hence a good mood.

Some other healthy breakfast ideas if you don’t have any time restricted issues in the morning hours are Upma, Dosa, Vada or Uttapam. They are equally healthy, tasty, and filling.

Final Thoughts

All you need is to be mindful and smart to replace the popular processed unhealthy breakfast foods with healthier versions that are equally tasty but have high nutrient value to maintain health. The above listed ideas are healthy and easy for busy mornings so that you don’t end up spending hours in the kitchen which nobody likes in the morning when you have so many things lined up already. Combine it with the regular workout of your choice. That’s all you need to beat the blues all day everyday.

Let us know which healthy breakfast ideas you liked the most in the comments section below.

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