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Posted: 07 Aug 2023 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Janmashtami 2023: How to Keep Yourself Hydrated While Fasting

Shri Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth of the supreme god– Shri Krishna. It is a special day on its own and even special for those who are true devotees of Lord Krishna and rigorously follow his path or teachings. Not just in India, the birthday of Krishna or fondly called Kanha, Madhav, or Laddu Gopal is celebrated across many countries with equal zeal and enthusiasm.

It is the time for celebrating, feasting, and fasting. The devotees all over the world observe fast which is considered extremely auspicious. For 24 Hrs. long fast, they refrain from consuming grains and break it at midnight after offering their prayers. I could easily recall the performances of “Ras Lilla” and decorative Jhakis I used to go and watch along with my family as a child. There are also entertainment & competitive events like Dahi Handi immensely popular in Maharashtra. There are so many things which make this beautiful day a lot more amazing and interesting.

As this pious occasion is about to knock the door, we decided to come up with a handful of tips that will be beneficial for your health as you observe fasting, and staying hydrated is one such crucial thing to stay energised and avoid the feeling of laziness throughout the day. Know why?

Benefits of Staying Hydrated While Fasting:

Stay Hydrated During Fasting

Hydration is undoubtedly a basic requirement to keep our bodily functions working at their best. Staying hydrated while fasting helps in boosting up the body's metabolism and keeps you energised and alert throughout the day. Also, it helps to keep your stomach full thus support your fasting goals till the time you break the fast after offering prayers. Therefore, it is essential to drink at least 5-6 liters of water if you are fasting this Janmashtami.

Since drinking water only can be boring, we have listed below a handful of other tips that will keep your hydration levels in check and ease Janmashtami fasting.

How To Stay Hydrated During Fasting?

A glass of water at the right time is obviously the best choice to stay hydrated and enjoy the fasting process. But along with this you can also plan a water-wise menu to help keep the thirst at bay. Here are some hydration strategies you must follow:

1. Pre-Fasting Rituals

Pre-Fasting Rituals

What you eat or drink a day before fasting is crucial to keep your overall health in check. It is very important to eat juicy fruits to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body along with plenty of water to help your body stay hydrated and energised as you observe fast.

Don’t starve yourself because it may do the opposite and may make it challenging to fast. Additionally, include water-rich fruits like watermelon, cucumber, and oranges in your pre-fast meals to increase your fluid intake. It will also help avoid gastric problems like acidity or constipation.

2. Drink Fresh Cold-pressed Juices

Membership Of Healthy Juices

Cold-press juice is made by pressing fresh fruits and vegetables under high pressure with no abrupt cutting or grinding, which maintains the juice’s nutrition and more fibre. Natural and available fresh, with absolutely no added sugars or preservatives, these juices are great to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body while giving a feeling of a fuller stomach.

OMJOOS cold-pressed juices are some of the best drinks for Janmashtami, as they are healthy and filled with the natural goodness of real fruits and vegetables. There are different flavours of juice available so you can choose the ones according to your taste buds.

Some other drinks like fresh Buttermilk and Coconut water are also great options to keep hydration levels in check. Drinking smoothies made up of fruits with high water content like Bananas is also good to go.

3. Eat Water-Enriched Fruits

Water-Enriched Fruits

Fruits which are high in water content like watermelon, strawberries, mosambi, kiwi, or pineapple should be consumed help to hydrate the body. Along with this, you will get a handful of other health advantages of eating fresh and seasonal fruits, too. To add more fun, you can also make fun popsicles of these juicy fruits a day before Janmashtami fasting and enjoy it the next day.

4. Limit Exposure To The Sun

Limit Exposure To The Sun

Excessive exposure to the sun results in sweating which will further dehydrate your body. You will also feel tired and sluggish which adds a bit of difficulty in fasting. So, try to stay indoors or if you are going to work then avoid going out for a walk during breaks. The lesser the exposure, the lesser will be the chances of dehydration.

5. Avoid Sweets

Avoid Sweets

While you might be tempted to eat the sweets specially prepared on the occasion of Janmashtami, it's best to avoid them. Furthermore, caffeine acts as a diuretic, leading to increased trips to the restroom that will leave increased dehydration certainly sets in after the fourth visit to the restroom.

Moreover, the consumption of sugar or caffeinated drinks can make you experience the feeling of tiredness and laziness. You can instead consume fruits and natural juices to curb the sweet tooth. Likewise, avoid salty food because it can leave you dehydrated.

6. Take Adequate Rest

Take Adequate Rest

Take breaks to rest and relax, especially if you're feeling fatigued. This can help conserve energy and prevent excessive sweating thus keep hydration levels in check. Listen to your body and know the symptoms of dehydration.

Final Thoughts

Fasting is a spiritual practice that requires mindfulness about your body's needs. Although Janmashtami fasting rules differ from each other and it totally depends on one’s own belief, however, staying hydrated during this period is crucial to maintain your overall well-being.

As you are all set to be fully and deeply engrossed in the rhythm of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna", just ensure you choose the right Janmashtami fasting strategies mentioned above to maintain your health while observing this sacred tradition. Always remember that moderation and self-care are key, and by prioritizing hydration, you can make the most of this auspicious festival.

Jai Shree Krishna!

Disclaimer: If you observe a Nirjala fast, do ensure that you are physically fit and determined to avoid any health complications.

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