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Posted: 14 Aug 2023 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Top 5 Healthy Drinks That Bollywood Celebrities Drink For Healthy Living

Have you ever noticed how daisy fresh the skin of Bollywood Divas look? How can we ignore the 6 pack abs that a lot of fit and fab celebrities flaunt? It’s amazing to see how they transform themselves in a short interval of time to fit into a certain role. It’s no surprise that the diet they rigorously follow and the fitness routine that they stay committed to maintain their appearance are commendable. Their hard work and dedication also reflects in the role that they play in the movies.

We all know that diet plays a major role in achieving a certain figure or health goal. Of course, exercise is a vital role too but what you eat or drink is certainly more important to support your dream figure goals and maintain optimal well-being. If you are wondering whether you can also achieve that, the answer is Yes!!

No, we are not telling you to look a certain way, we just want to stay healthy and fit in the long run, just like your favourite Bollywood celebs. Through this blog, we will introduce you to the 5 healthy drinks that Bollywood celebs swear by to stay energised, fit, and healthy.

Discover them one by one, incorporate them into your daily lifestyle, and see how amazing you can look and feel inside out! 

1. ABC Juice With Ginger: Malaika Arora’s Morning Energiser

Malaika Arora -ABC Juice

Image Source:Malaika Arora's Instagram

The stunning Malaika Arora is aging like fine wine. She is an inspiration for many women to stay fit and healthy regardless of their age. The secret to her looks and perfect figure is surely her rigorous workout routine and the healthy drinks she consumes regularly. Her latest Instagram story is the proof!

She recently took to Instagram and shared a 4-ingredient recipe mentioning ABC Juice with Ginger. This is her go-to morning drink and for good reasons. Fresh ABC Juice is a blend of Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot, and ABC is an excellent drink for detoxification, liver health, boosting immunity, weight management, strengthening the hair, protecting eyes, and more. Now we know how this ageless diva always looks phenomenal! 

2. Petha aka Ash Gourd Juice: Mira Kapoor’s Beauty Secret

Mira Kapoor Beauty Secret

Image Source:Mira Kapoor's Instagram

Mira Kapoor has emerged as a famous lifestyle influencer and often shares glimpses of her daily fitness regime and family, Shahid Kapoor & their children. She recently took to Instagram to share her love for Petha Juice or Ash Gourd Juice. Since ancient times, Ash Gourd Juice has been in use to cure many illnesses and provide many amazing health benefits. Now we know the secret behind her fresh, natural, and healthy appearance!

Other Bollywood stars like Sonnalli Seygall, famous fashion designer Masaba Gupta, and Deepika Padukone swear by drinking petha juice first thing in the morning to get a natural glow and accomplish their fitness goals easily and effectively. 

3. Spinach Turmeric Drink: Sara Ali Khan’s Go-To-Detox Drink

Sara Ali Khan Detox Drink

Image Source:Pinkvilla.com

Sara’s weight loss journey is truly an inspiration to millions of people especially women suffering from PCOS. She made it believe that losing weight under such conditions may be difficult but not impossible. The secret to her fit and fab looks is her exercise regimen and reportedly she likes to start her morning with turmeric, spinach, and hot water to detox naturally. Drinking it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is great to get maximum benefits.

All you need is to boil spinach leaves, stain, and add a pinch of turmeric with warm water. Turmeric is great for the skin while spinach is great for increasing its nutritional value. You can also squeeze lemon juice or black pepper to enhance the flavour of the nutritious drink. 

4. Lemon Honey Water: Alia Bhatt’s Energy Booster

Alia Bhatt Energy Booster

Image Source:Alia Bhatt's Instagram

The most gorgeous Alia Bhatt Is known for her youthful charm and energy. Apart from acting skills, she is undoubtedly one of the fittest actresses with beautiful skin. The actress advocates healthy and mindful eating and drinking. She has lost weight in just a short span of time post the birth of her beautiful daughter, and the secret she reportedly shares is the ultimate Lemon Honey Water drink.

Lemon is packed with vitamin C which is not just great for skin, and gut but for accelerating weight loss too. It helps you shed extra kilos effectively and easily while keeping your energy levels in check. Besides Alia, this simple drink is also the fashionista Sonam Kapoor’s go-to drink to keep gut healthy, skin radiant, and also brings a new kind of energy.

5. Tomato Celery Juice: Shilpa Shetty’s Happy Gut Drink

Shilpa Shetty Happy Gut Drink

Image Source:Shilpa Shetty's Instagram

When we talk about Shilpa, the first thing that pops up in our mind is her strict fitness routine. She is a great fitness enthusiast and has created a sensation with her excellent Yoga skills and healthy lifestyle. She has been a health advocate for years. Taking to her Instagram, she has posted the recipe of one of her favourite juices- Tomato Celery which is again great for immunity and anti-ageing.  Thanks to its source of vitamin C and lycopene- a great antioxidant that may help fight several diseases. Well, we can say, this is one of the biggest reasons why she’s literally aging backward.

Final Thoughts

If you look upto Bollywood celebrities for their fashion and lifestyle, do look upto them for their dedication to health and fitness as well. Incorporating these top five drinks which we have shared above can help you to enhance your overall well-being and achieve a vibrant and healthy life.

Remember that staying hydrated and nourished is a key step toward achieving your health and fitness goals, so keep drinking plenty of water and combine with healthy drinks, fresh juices, and smoothies.

Always remember that every individual has different needs so instead of aiming to look like someone, take inspiration from their hard work, dedication, and choose what fits you the best.

All the best!

Disclaimer: All of the drinks mentioned-above support healthy lifestyle but not to transform and look like a certain way.

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