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Power Of Pomegranate During The Winter -banner
Posted: 21 Oct 2023 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Explore The Power Of Pomegranate During The Winter Season

As winter wraps its chilly embrace around us, it brings with it the need for warmth, comfort, and, most importantly, health. In this season of festivities, it’s more important to keep a check on your health because it's tempting to get lost in the festivities and treat yourself to all the delectable delights. Moreover, the seasonal changes also make the body more prone to cold, flu, and fever which makes it crucial to intake a balanced diet which helps to keep the overall health in check.

You will be glad to know that there's a juicy & crunchy jewel that stands out not just for its vibrant hue but for its incredible health benefits — the mighty “Pomegranate” The ruby red pearls add crunch, a distinct flavour, and taste to many dishes while sharing a handful of health advantages to keep the optimal health in-check.

As we navigate through the winter season, let's explore the power of pomegranate. One of the best winter fruits and explore how incorporating it into our diet can be a game-changer for our well-being.

Take a scroll right away to know the many benefits of pomegranate in winter!

  • Strengthen The Immune System

Strengthen The Immune System

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Flu and cold outbreaks are common during the winter season. The good news is that pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, particularly vitamin C, which is a potent immune booster. Including pomegranate in your daily diet can provide your body with the extra defense it needs to ward off seasonal illnesses and keep you feeling at your best.

  • Boost Heart Health

Boost Heart Health

Image Source:Freepik

Winter often sees an increase in heart-related issues due to the combination of cold weather, which is proved by India Today as well. Pomegranates have been linked to maintaining heart health, thanks to their ability to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels paired with raised good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

The presence of antioxidants in pomegranates helps in preventing the hardening of arteries, ensuring a healthy cardiovascular system. This is another positive side effect of the beautiful red elixir that is pomegranate.

  • Hydration Hero

Hydration Hero-Pomegranates

With the drop in temperature, it's easy to forget the importance of staying hydrated. Pomegranates are not just packed with essential vitamins and minerals, but they also contribute to your daily fluid intake. The juicy seeds can be a delightful and hydrating addition to your winter diet by maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body.

You can also make healthy non-alcoholic drinks like sangria with fresh pomegranate juice. Just add a whole spoonful of lime or lemon juice to give extra punch, mix it well, and you’re good to go. This drink can also be served with guests during the festive season or the New Year Party. Try it!

  • Enhance Mood

Enhance Mood

Image Source:Freepik

The winter blues are a real phenomenon, with shorter days and longer nights affecting our mood and energy levels. You may also feel sad and less interested in doing daily activities. You are not alone if you feel like snuggling in the blanket all day long and struggling to get out of bed.

  1. Luckily, Pomegranates contain compounds that have been linked to mood enhancement and may help combat feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Including this vibrant fruit in your daily routine could be a natural way to uplift your spirits during the darker months.  Besides this, you can also try the tips given below to stay in a good mood all winter long:
  2. Get moving to release the feel-good hormones
  3. Stick to a sleep routine and ensure you enjoy a good night sleep
  4. Keep yourself busy with the activities that you love to do in your spare-time
  5. Get some sun exposure as it helps balance serotonin activity, increases melatonin production, balances your circadian rhythm, and increases vitamin D levels, which can lead to an improved emotional state according to an article by Very Well Mind.
  • Gives Youthful & Glowing Skin

Gives Youthful and Glowing Skin

Image Source:Freepik

One of the best benefits of consuming pomegranate in winter is enhancing skin health. Cold weather often leads to dry and dull skin. Pomegranate's anti-inflammatory properties can contribute to healthier skin by reducing redness and inflammation. This is the reason why you may have noticed a surge in skincare products infused with pomegranate as the main ingredient.

Whether consumed as a juice or applied as a face mask, pomegranates can work wonders in keeping your skin radiant and moisturised, combating the harsh effects of the winter season. It also helps in fighting acne and combat skin’s damage. If you’re looking to get good winter skin, this is your sign to add pomegranate to your grocery list.

  • Versatility in The Kitchen

Versatility in The Kitchen

Beyond its health benefits, pomegranate is a versatile ingredient that can add a burst of flavour to a variety of winter dishes. From juices to salads to desserts and even a warm bowl of pomegranate soup, there are many pomegranate infused recipes you can try easily to get the maximum benefits of this winter superfruit.

Including pomegranate in your meals not only enhances the taste but also ensures you're reaping its nutritional benefits in a delicious way.

  • Rich in Nutrients

Rich in Nutrients

Image Source:Freepik

Pomegranates are a nutritional powerhouse. They are not only an excellent source of vitamin C but also contain vitamin K, potassium, and folate. Additionally, the seeds are packed with dietary fibre, promoting digestive health – a crucial aspect, especially during the festive season when sugary and other foods are available in abundance.

Final Thoughts

As winter settles in, consider embracing the power of pomegranate to boost your health and overall well-being. This crunchy red pearly winter fruit offers a plethora of benefits highlighted above that make it an ideal companion for the winter season.

OMJOOS cold-pressed pomegranate juice is the best pick as it's pure, fresh, and brimming with nutrients upto the brim.

By maintaining a check on your health, you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest without compromising on your health. So, indulge wisely, stay active, and savour the joy of the season in a way that keeps both your body and spirit in good health.

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