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Ash Gourd

Ash Gourd

`115.00 |

Ash Gourd

Hate it or love it, you just can’t ignore the freshly pressed juice of this “Cold Vegetable” Ash Gourd aka Safed Petha! Brimming with nutritional benefits and medicinal properties, this nutritious juice is prepared with fresh Ash Gourd, Lemon, & Ginger resulting in a tasty flavour that can do wonders for your health. It is a delightful choice to add ash gourd juice to your daily routine to cool and detox your body, improve gut health, digestion, and a solution to many diseases as per Ayurveda.

`115.00 |
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  • Leaf IconAll Natural
  • Leaves IconAlways Fresh
  • Cube IconNo Added Sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • Drink IconLiquid Fruit with Crunch
  • OMJOOS Bottle IconGlass Bottle

Ash Gourd Juice Benefits

  • Promote Weight Loss

    Low in calories and high in dietary fibre to keep you full for longer periods and reduce cravings.

  • Improves Digestion

    High in soluble fibre to prevent constipation thus keep the gut healthy.

  • Flush Out Toxins

    Eliminates the toxins from the body to make you feel healthy inside out.

  • Gives Cooling Effect

    Provides a cooling effect to give you relief from the scorching heat of the summer and regular body temperature.

  • Super-Hydrating

    96% of water content in Ash Gourd, enough to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body with a unique taste.

  • Boost Energy

    Enriched with Vitamin B3 responsible to keep you energised throughout.

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