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Green Apple & Kiwi

Green Apple & Kiwi

`160.00 | 275 ml

Green Apple & Kiwi

Kiwi & Green Apple are a total dream team. Both combined make an essential energising booster. Their unique fresh flavours are a perfect complement to each other. This natural blend aids digestion, boosts immunity and regulates your sleep pattern.

`160.00 |275 ml
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  • All Natural
  • Always Fresh
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • Liquid Fruit with Crunch
  • Glass Bottle

Green Apple & Kiwi Juice Benefits

  • Glowing Skin

    Vitamin C to keep the skin firm and beautiful.

  • Healthy Heart

    Both fruits promote cardiovascular benefits.

  • Iron Rich

    Kiwi aids the absorption of iron into the body.

  • Powerhouse of Anti-oxidants

    Flavonoids and Vitamin C present act as antioxidants and eradicate free radicals which cause damage to your cells. Best enemy of cardiac diseases, cardiovascular accidents, and diabetes.

  • Induces Better Sleep

    Serotonin presence helps promote better sleep. Improves the sleep onset and reduces waking time after the onset, hence providing relief from any sleep disturbances.

  • Aids Digestion

    Fiber promotes digestion and maintains intestinal health. Provides relief from constipation by stimulating the bowel system.

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