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`129.00 | 275 ml


Pure, Tasty, and Refreshing, there’s no other way to describe our freshly pressed Orange juice. Packed with the finest, vibrant, and juicy seasonal oranges, this refreshingly delicious cold-pressed Orange juice has a delightfully sweet and tart combination that gives amazing flavour and keeps you energized all day long. Start off your day right with this nutritional drink loaded with dietary fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C to naturally strengthen immunity and so much more. It surely benefits your health in multiple ways than just quench your thirst!

`129.00 |275 ml
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  • Leaf IconAll Natural
  • Leaves IconAlways Fresh
  • Cube IconNo Added Sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • Drink IconLiquid Fruit with Crunch
  • OMJOOS Bottle IconGlass Bottle

Orange Juice Benefits

  • Boost Immune System Functioning

    Rich in Vitamin C to give a natural Immunity boost and help treat respiratory infections.

  • Prevent Skin Damage

    Presence of antioxidants help protects skin from damage and makes you look younger thus slow down skin aging as well.

  • Healthy Bowel Movements

    Improves the digestive system by keeping the bowels healthy and ward off constipation.

  • Curb Hunger

    Keeps you full for longer period thus curb hunger and support in weight management.

  • Good Eye Health

    The vitamin A present in them keeps the mucus membranes in the eyes healthy.

  • Increase Energy Level

    The natural sugar that oranges contain helps reduce fatigue and boost energy level.

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