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Watermelon (Seasonal)

Watermelon (Seasonal)

`100.00 | 275 ml

Watermelon (Seasonal)

The all natural anti-aging detox agent is a fruit absolutely full of amino acids. A fresh summertime favorite, is low in calorie and works to reduce your blood pressure. Our pure cold-pressed watermelon juice is sweet and refreshing.

`100.00 |275 ml
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  • Leaf IconAll Natural
  • Leaves IconAlways Fresh
  • Cube IconNo Added Sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • Drink IconLiquid Fruit with Crunch
  • OMJOOS Bottle IconGlass Bottle

Watermelon Juice Benefits

  • Super Hydrating

    Around 90% water, there’s nothing quite like it to keep you cool.

  • Body Boosting

    Choline, found in watermelon, aids our bodies in sleep, muscle movement and memory.

  • Glowing Eyes, Hair & Skin

    Rich in Vitamin A to keep hair moisturized and skin smooth.

  • Prevent Osteoporosis

    Helps strengthen bones and increases bone mineral density. Lowers risk of early-onset osteoporosis and keeps you feeling strong and durable as you age.

  • Prevents Heat Stroke

    Effective in reducing both your body temperature and blood pressure, preventing heat stroke.

  • Lowers LDL Cholesterol Level

    The levels of dietary fiber, in addition to the excellent balance of fatty acids in the seeds, can help lower dangerous levels of LDL cholesterol.

    Note: All our watermelon juices also contains benefits of its seeds as these are slowly pressed to extract its benefits

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