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Posted: 15 Nov 2018 By: Shraddha Thakur

8 Foolproof Ways To Lose Weight In The Winter

Our body’s behavior changes with the temperature; it cools itself during hot summer days and conserves heat during the winter. As such, it spends extra energy burning calories in the winter.

You may also want to binge on the winter delicacies, but if you are trying to lose weight, cold weather can actually help you do that with ease. It may be surprising, but shivering in cold winter days for just 10-15 minutes can burn as many calories as an hour of moderate workout.

Well, winter is here, so let’s discuss some effective ways to accelerate weight loss in the season.

1. Drink Cold, Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drinks

When colder drinks are consumed by the body, it works harder to bring it up to body temperature, which burns additional calories in the process. Consume water or other healthy drinks like cold-pressed juices that are colder than the normal body temperature to stay hydrated and also burn extra calories.

2. Stock Up on Soups and Salads

Stock Up on Soups and Salads

Craving something warm? Nothing can beat the nutrition, health and fewer calorie content of fresh soups. They keep the body warm with less fat, and are even better when paired with a plate of salad.

3. Keep Yourself Moving

Family Time

Winter is a fun time, and not just because of eating. For instance, because of all the outdoor activities like ice-skating and sledding you can enjoy. Avoid sitting and keep moving, as it’s one of the easiest ways to keep winter calories and weight-gain at bay.

4. Try Some Indoor Activities

Shorter days and freezing air make easy excuses for skipping the gym in colder days. Include a couple of healthy workouts into your daily routine at home to burn extra winter calories.

5. Avoid Refined Sugars

Avoid Refined Sugars

Excess intake of refined sugar is one of the main reasons for weight gain and heart disease. This winter, add healthy and natural sugars into your diet, which you can get from winter fruits, sweet-potatoes, healthy cold-pressed juice, etc.

6. Increase Your Protein Intake

Increase Your Protein Intake

Instead of stocking up on fats, increase your protein intake in the winter to feel fuller and lessen your unhealthy snacking. This will also help stabilize your blood sugar level and prevent weight gain.

7. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

A healthy mind and body can’t be achieved without staying hydrated. Hydration is important, not only for clearing out waste, but also to feel fuller. Apart from water, gulp in healthy drinks to keep your vitamins, minerals and body fluids in check, For example, try some healthy cold-pressed juice, water, fresh soup, etc. Seasonal fruit and vegetable juices are best for this purpose.

8. Get Plenty of Sunlight

Get Plenty of Sunlight

Sunlight keeps the mood happy and energy boosted. Sunlight exposure greatly helps in reducing food cravings and maintaining weight, and is a great way to prevent depression, insomnia and weight gain.

Final Thoughts

Winter is a time to enjoy beautiful cold weather and winter delicacies. Do it mindfully and pair it with exercise to keep your weight in check, energy boosted and mood enhanced. Include healthy drinks in your diet, cut-down food that increases weight and makes you dull, and maintain a balanced diet.

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Soumya B Hegde says:
17 Apr 2021 02:55:50 PM
Hi Author, Thank you for posting such an insightful article. I am a fitness trainer myself and for weight loss which is sustainable nothing works better than a combination of strength training, calorie deficit, nutritious meal and a good sleep. Thanks. Soumya B Hegde

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