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5 Winter Fruit Recipes You Must Try This Season
Posted: January, 11, 2023
By: Rashi Chaudhary

5 Winter Fruit Recipes You Must Try This Season

Winter weather is giving chills across the nation! It’s that time of the year when wearing layers and not leaving the comfortable and warm bed remains the constant mood. As the weather changes our health conditions also begin to change. The immunity drops down and it is much easier to catch regular flu and cold. No one likes sneezing and having a blocked nose at night and these can be very unpleasant experiences throughout the season. We also are not as exposed to the sunlight as we usually are during the summer season, which is very important for our body to function well.

Luckily, the market is abundantly filled with a variety of seasonal fruits which have so many advantages to keep us sane and fight winter cold and illnesses.

Importance of Eating Seasonal Fruits:

Not only seasonal fruits are fresh and tasty but they are packed with important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for giving an instant energy boost and provide the body with enough nutrition to keep us going throughout the winter by reducing the risk of winter-related disease. For this reason, it is imperative to eat seasonal fruits as a part of a regular diet.

However, we understand that eating whole fruits can be boring, so we have come up with a way to help you out. Through this blog. we will share the list of winter fruit recipes that taste so good and help you to stay strong, healthy, and boost inner strength to keep you fit and in shape.

Let’s discuss these further to include these winter seasonal fruits as a part of your daily diet.

1. Orange

Juicy, sweet, tart, and absolutely refreshing, Oranges are the powerhouse of Vitamin C, the nutrient responsible for boosting immunity, eye health, removing skin blemishes, keeps you hydrated, and obviously one of the best winter fruits. The best oranges are to be found in the winter season, so if you get bored of eating them in salads. Try refreshingly delicious and natural cold-pressed Orange juice which is equally tasty and a simple way to increase the intake of oranges in your diet.

You can also try out “Orange Sooji Halwa” which is the innovative version of Suji Halwa.  It is made up of orange pulp and makes an exceptionally healthy, light, and delightful treat. Refrain from adding refined sugar instead use dry fruits, nuts or Organic sugar (Sulphur-Free)

2. Apple

This winter fruit is also commonly seen in the local market during the current season. Apple is crispy, juicy, contains a lot of fiber to keep you full for a longer period thus help in weight management, and should be a part of your morning routine. However, if you’re not a big fan of eating whole apples, these are the recipes you must try out before they rotten.

The classic Apple Smoothie and dried apples are fairly easy, fun, yet mouth-watering recipes you can make out of fresh apples. If you want to be on the spicy side, try out sweet and tangy Apple Chutney. It tastes delicious when serve with paratha or fulka. Other than this, Apple Sabzi is an unusual yet wonderful way of making the most of this tasty winter seasonal fruit.

3. Pomegranate

Red pearlies are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and are undoubtedly a great immunity-boosting winter fruit. You can juice the freshly sourced pomegranates or use them as dressing in salads or raita to elevate the taste of the whole dish.  If you have ever wondered how to use Pomegranate, we have got you covered with some of our top pick recipes

  • Pomegranate Smoothie: Perfect for a snack on the go, Pomegranate Smoothie is a great way to get in some nutrients
  • Pomegranate Chutney: Made with dried pomegranate seeds, this tangy & sweet chutney is tangy, tasty, and paired well with almost every meal by enhancing the overall taste
  • Pomegranate Halwa: Colourful and tasty Halwa that kids going to love. Garnish with dry fruits and enjoy the unique yet healthy halwa
  • Pomegranate Pudding: Pomegranate pudding or jelly is the ultimate dessert to serve children.

4. Strawberry

Berry-Berry tasty and healthy, sweet & sour Strawberries are yet another best winter fruits which are must during the cold season. If you’re diabetic, you can eat strawberries to control blood sugar levels without compromising your weight loss goals. They also promote skin health thus help you get the skin that you have always desired for.

There are so many Strawberry infused recipes that you can easily try at home, however, what got our attraction the most is “Strawberry Kheer”. It is a fruity transformation to the traditional kheer that every age group will enjoy. You can also use strawberries as a side accompaniment to your meal through Strawberry Raita which comprises a distinct sweet & tangy flavour.

5. Kiwi

If you’re looking for something that will keep you energized throughout the day, add Kiwi to your winter diet. Kiwi is fueled with vitamin C, dietary fiber, and an excellent source of important vitamins, which altogether increase your health perks.

Kiwi Raita and Kiwi Smoothie are classic kiwi-infused recipes that you can prepare easily. To be more innovative, try this Kiwi and Coriander Rice recipe. It is fruity, fresh, and very good for health. Serve it with homemade Mint chutney for a yummy meal.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of eating fruits are widely known. Luckily, the market is filled with such fresh and seasonal produce that helps to effectively turn this season into a ‘Happy Winter’ but make sure you are buying chemical-free fruits. The list of winter fruits and their recipes or we can say “Winter Saviour” which we have shared above must be a part of your daily cooking if you want to get the maximum health advantages without adding extra inches to your waistline. Since there are so many varieties, you can keep experimenting and include them in daily cooking. It’s simple to eat healthy you just need to be creative and smart to incorporate healthy seasonal food. That’s it.

Hope this support you to survive winter healthier and tastier way than ever before. Let us know which winter fruit recipes you liked the most in the comments section below!

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