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More Orgo Has Organized an Exclusive Experience Session At The INDIA TODAY GROUP
Posted: March, 19, 2019
By: admin

More Orgo Has Organized an Exclusive Experience Session At The INDIA TODAY GROUP

Noida, March , 2019: Being a result of untiring passion to bring completely organic, 100% natural and pesticide free products to discerning health enthusiasts, More Orgo has never stopped inspiring people to lead chemical-free life, giving the access to carefully sourced organic and high-quality produce. Having these values in mind, as well as willing to create awareness about healthy eating and drinking habits, More Orgo has organized an Exclusive Experience Session at the INDIA TODAY GROUP (Sector 16A Film City, Noida).

With their two brands, OMJOOS, which offers freshly made cold-pressed juices, and recently launched OMKITCHEN, providing homestyle organic meal and corporate catering service, More Orgo fulfils their passion to provide healthy organic recipes, and encourage people to eat and drink what Mother Nature gave us. Driven by the never-stopping will to satisfy their customers, More Orgo carefully sources the ingredients from marginal farmers and organic associations. Working with the number of experts, the company tests each product to ensure its organic purity meets the highest standards.

During the India Today Event, More Orgo had a chance to express company’s mission and values, as well as promote their three social initiatives- OMJOOS, OMKITCHEN and OMBAKERY. The below mentioned menu was offered to the India Today employees at the promotional rates exclusively.

Eco Meal

Luxury Meal

Evening Snacks (Indori Style Instant Poha)

OMJOOS Flavors – Pineapple, Pomegranate, Watermelon and Kinnow

All of the ingredients that have been used during the preparation of the food from the menu (apart from the dairy products), were sourced according to More Orgo’s ethics to provide organic, chemical-free, naturally-grown ingredients, sourced directly from farmers and organic grower associations. More Orgo made sure that all employees and event attendants are aware of company’s initiative, explaining its mission to give access to organic meals, and cultivate healthy lifestyle.

Strongly believing in organic produce which has extremely good impact on environment, and chemical-free ecosystem, More Orgo promoted the idea of using the tapware and dishes, that were made of Sugarcane Bagasse Biodegradable material. All of the meals during the event were served in sugarcane bagasse compostable plates and bowls, and the attendants had a chance to view the food grade glass containers used for the tiffin service food delivery, provided by OMKITCHEN.

Not only has More Orgo focused on showcasing their products and expressing company’s values, but also introduced the attendants to Green Waste Management, by using all of the waste from their own bin to make Organic compost. Their initiative was praised by many customers, who appreciated the hard work More Orgo puts into procuring chemical and residue-free raw materials.

More Orgo has seen an active participation by India Today employees, and their counter had an excellent footfall throughout the day, between 11:30 AM and 7:45 PM. We are proud to say, that some of More Orgo’s meals, juices and cakes were bought by well-known editors and anchors of India Today Television. The audience loved the taste of the OMJOOS’ cold-pressed juices, with no added sugars and preservatives, and they were preferred over the juice counter in the cafeteria.

More Orgo has seen a huge success during the India Today event and will keep working hard to fulfil their mission to impact the environment, as well as encourage people to live the healthy lifestyle, by choosing the organic ingredients over the conventional food. We are looking forward to the future events and want to thank you all of the people who attended and interacted with us during Exclusive Organic Experience Session.

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