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Here’s How We’re Taking Care of Hygiene and Safety Parameters
Posted: July, 13, 2020
By: admin

Here’s How We’re Taking Care of Hygiene and Safety Parameters

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more important than ever to take good care of your health and keep the immune system strong. For this reason, nothing can beat the benefits of gulping fresh and chemical-free juices rich in vitamin C and other nutrients that can help to keep the gut stronger and stave off infections.

And, we really don’t want you to miss out on this.

Therefore, we have resumed our services right at your doorstep so that you can experience the tastiest juices of the town and get a handful of other health benefits as well.

However, we agree that the tension and fear caused by Coronavirus can make you wary enough whether to even go for home delivery of our juices in the first place. The circulation of myths around home delivery makes the situation even more complicated.

That’s why we are here to take away your COVID-19 concerns as we deliver you our refreshing cold-pressed juices.

Precautions Against Infection:

Adhering to the government and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines is our top priority. In addition, to minimize the possibilities of contracting the virus, our entire team is taking every precautionary measure to ensure contactless and safe delivery.

Keep reading to know what’s going on behind the scenes in the times of Coronavirus pandemic.

Prioritizing the Safety Of Our Team Members:

  • We provided the detailed information about COVID-19 to every OMJOOS team member involved in juicing and delivery process
  • Workers are educated about maintaining personal hygiene not just in the workplace but in general too
  • Our team members are advised to stay home and take rest if they suspect any symptoms like cold, cough, or fever
  • We encourage our workers to take regular breaks in between so that they can keep up their health in-check
  • We educate them to carefully understand the safety precautions while using cleaning products
  • We constantly monitor the temperature using thermal guns of our associated members before entering the workplace
  • We have minimized the number of workers in the workplace at one-time
  • They are provided with additional uniforms at the workplace. We have been practicing this since our inception

Receiving Orders

  • We keep on tracking contaminated areas to ensure the safety of our employees and customers
  • We are refraining from delivering in the contaminated regions to avoid exposure of our employees
  • As for now, we are delivering in Noida & Gr. Noida only. We shall expand the delivery area as per the updated information regarding the non-affected areas

Juicing Process

  • Our workplace is sanitized every alternate day to ensure a safe work environment
  • Utensils, cutting boards, and countertops are also properly cleaned to ensure cleanliness and hygiene
  • Workers are asked to practice social distancing and keep the distance of 1-2 meter with their co-workers
  • To remove potential bacteria, we wash fruits and vegetables in water with salt, lemon, or vinegar
  • We use ultrasonic cleaners to get rid of harmful chemicals, bacteria, or viruses in fruits and vegetables

  • To ensure the fruits and veggies are safe and healthy to be used for juicing we rinse them again in running RO water
  • Every team member contributes to workplace hygiene by using disposable gloves, masks, face shield, and caps
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing hands is also followed by every member present in the workplace involved in cleaning, juicing and delivering of our services

Delivering Juices At Your Doorstep

  • Our delivery workers are well-equipped with personal protective equipment like face shields, masks, disposable gloves, and headcover to eliminate and reduce contact with customers
  • They always keep a sanitizer handy and wash/sanitize their hands after handling cash exchanged with customers
  • The plastic bags used for containing the juices are sanitized before storing them in the insulated refrigerator
  • Surfaces of the vehicles used in-home deliveries are properly disinfected. The same process is repeated after handing over the vehicle to another driver
  • To keep the customers safe and avoid any danger of infection, we keep the juices at the doorstep of our customers. Otherwise, we maintain adequate distance with our customer while handling the juices

As we are taking every important step to ensure safety, we encourage our customers to follow some basic precautionary measures as well while handling any food or beverages while home delivery.

Let’s have a look below:

  • Choose contactless delivery. Opt for online mode of payment and ask the delivery person to keep the package at your doorstep so you can collect it later
  • Avoid physical contact with the delivery person. Keep a distance of at least 2-3 meters while receiving your package. If possible, handover your bag to the delivery guy and ask them to put the deliverables inside
  • Wash your hands before accepting the parcel
  • Sanitize the parcel and wash your hands again for 20 seconds after you receive it.
  • Transfer the food/beverage into a clean container

During these crucial times, F&B delivery is one of the riskiest and difficult jobs out there. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to reach out to as many customers as possible so that they can consume the necessary vitamins and minerals for staying protected from any infectious disease.

Let’s be kind, positive, and support each other in these difficult circumstances!

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