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Posted: 22 Jan 2021 By: Rashi Chaudhary

6 Amazing Reasons to Support Local Food Brands Amid the Pandemic

The entire country’s economy has been flipped upside down due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The imposition of nationwide lockdown has affected every business across the nation in one way or another. The impact of the crisis was particularly significant on small local businesses.

With the inability to operate businesses amid the lockdown, small operators struggled to get daily bread. Although the lockdown regulations are now lifted and things are getting back to normal, small businesses are still suffering due to reduced demand for products and services from customers.


Since you are reading, you must be interested to know why we should support local businesses? How is it going to benefit us? How will it change our perception of buying from local entrepreneurs over big companies? Take a look for yourself to clear all your doubts and be “Vocal for Local”.

1. You Help in Increasing Employment

Increasing Employment

Needless to say, coronavirus has affected the job scenario to a big extent. Due to a lack of cash flow and capital, small business owners have had to cut down on their staff members to sustain in the market, which is among the main reasons behind unemployment amid the pandemic. However, by shopping local, you are helping businesses to keep working like the pre-COVID era. Supporting local goods and services is the best way to provide employment opportunities and manage the economic fall-out.

2. They Care About Our Community

About Our Community

Local entrepreneurs care about and value their consumers. They can be our friends, neighbours, or a local business firm. They are not in the market just to make money but to also provide the utmost benefits to their lovable customers with the help of their products and services. They easily remember the likes, dislikes, and names of the customers. Unlike big brands, local businesses thrive to invest in something that leads to the betterment of the local community.

3. Good For Our Health

Good For Our Health

Good health is what everybody wishes for in these strange times. The products of local companies are mostly chemical-free because they don’t need additives to increase their shelf life as the buyers are mostly local. When you buy fruits and veggies from the local farmers, you know they are free from any external preservatives and won’t harm your health. Shopping local allows you to cross-check the authenticity of fresh products as they are being sourced from local markets only.

4. Better Customer Services

 Better Customer Services

While shopping with local entrepreneurs, you don’t need to wait for hours just to register a complaint or ask any query with the customer service representative. This is because the local business owners are directly connected with their customers. They are more interested to get feedback as they want the best for their consumers can’t expect that from big names in the market. That’s how they learn from their mistakes and make improvements in the future. Local businesses are more willing to tailor the services and make your experience rich.

5. They Serve Unique Products

They Serve Unique Products

The local businesses are more likely to be experimental in their products and services to stand out in the market. They often come up with unique twists to traditional products that you will definitely find amusing and attractive over the other products within the same category.

For example, you must have heard of and tried many cold-pressed juice brands, but at OMJOOS, besides extracting juices in their purest form possible, we don’t use the High Pressure Processing (HPP) technique which tends to extend the shelf life of the juices. For this reason, our juices keep intact essential nutrients and we advise to consume them within 8 hours of delivery.

6. They Are Flexible With Pricing

They Are Flexible With Pricing

Big brands sell their products and services based on the rate suggested by MSRP. On the other hand, many local businesses are flexible when it comes to pricing. They set their price as per their target audience and also offer an amazing discount on products and services. However, even if they are charging more, then it is definitely worth considering the advantages they provide for the environment and our local community, of course.

Final Thoughts

It is a stressful and challenging time for everybody. So, support your local small business and make sure that they are doing okay. Connect with them on social media networks and share their updates further so that this important idea reaches a wider audience. Believe me, shopping from someone whom you know is a great way to get a more fresh, hygienic, and tasty quality of products. Once you start doing this, you will soon realize how you are building a strong community around you.

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