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Posted: 03 Feb 2021 By: Rashi Chaudhary

Juice Benefits: How to Start Your Day on the Right Note?

Our mood and energy levels highly depend upon the way we start our day. A good and healthy morning routine allows us to better focus on our work and stay productive. Although there are many things you can do in the morning to set the tone for the day, the intake of a healthy breakfast is vital     .  

Did you know that consuming a nutrient-enriched breakfast in the morning works wonders for your body and mind? Are you wondering how you can fuel your body with such nutrients?

Well, healthy and chemical-free fruit and vegetable juices are a good way to get all the unique nutritional properties and get our bodies functioning at its best. Adding natural and refreshing juices to your daily morning routine not only makes a delicious breakfast but offers numerous other health benefits as well.

Below are the top reasons why you should start off your day with juices, ensuring you have a wonderful day ahead!

Maintains Our Fluid Requirements


I believe that everyone is well-aware of the importance of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. By drinking water first thing in the morning, we accelerate the natural detoxification system of our bodies and cleanse our bodies from the inside. But, there are some days when we don’t like the plain and boring taste of water, in such cases, hydrating juices like watermelon, cucumber, or lemon juice is great. Juices help in maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body throughout the day and aid digestive problems as well.

Boosts The Immune System

Boosts The Immune System with OMJOOS

Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, more people are searching for immunity boosters to get rid of any infection and to keep good gut health. You will find multiple ways on the web to improve your immune system, however, drinking chemical-free juices is the easiest and most effective way to achieve these health results. By drinking immunity-boosting juices, we can naturally improve our gut health and reduce the risk of any virus or illness. Add vitamin C enriched juices like mandarin, kiwi, pineapple, orange, amla, and lemon to supply your body with tremendous healing nutrients and enjoy the long-term health benefits.

Adds More Veggies to Your Diet

Adds More Veggies to Your Diet - Green Juice

Despite knowing the incredible benefits of dark green leafy veggies, it was difficult for me to increase the intake of green veggies as I don’t like the taste and hardly enjoy eating them. After a little research, I figured out the best alternative way to eat more of them, which is via “juicing”. The blend of various green veggies develops a taste that is far better than consuming them raw. You can also enhance the taste as per your taste by adding honey, salt, peppers etc. You will love the taste once you get used to it.

Keeps Our Skin Glowing

Keeps Our Skin Glowing

We all look for different ways to make our skin better. After all, who wouldn’t love glowing, acne-free skin? With the necessity to wear facemasks to slow the spread of Coronavirus, skin problems have increased for many. You may find multiple skin care brands marketing new ways to prevent acne, but a natural way, like drinking juices, is the fastest and most beneficial of all. A glass of beetroot, mandarin, pomegranate, apple, Aloe Vera, ginger, and lemon juice is all you need for soft and blemish-free skin.

Prevents Sweet Cravings

Prevents Sweet Cravings

Those who have a massive sweet tooth truly understand how difficult it is to get rid of their sugary cravings. Isn’t it hard? Everytime the sweet craving kicks in, we reach out to junk food to satisfy our cravings, even at breakfast. If you are someone who often fights their sweet tooth, then try switching to naturally sweet juices to satisfy your sweet cravings instead. Juices also tend to fill up the stomach for a longer period due to the presence of fiber, meaning you can avoid overeating too. Without a doubt, this is the best way to conquer sweet tooth!

Now that you know the benefits of starting off the day with a glass of refreshing juice, it’s important to consider a few things before adding juices as a part of your morning regime.

  • Do not choose packaged juices as they are mostly filled up with sugar and other harmful artificial preservatives
  • Try to do juicing at home as it is a safe and healthy alternative. Use good quality fruits and veggies for juicing. Avoid adding sugar and instead choose healthy sugar alternatives for flavouring
  •  If you are not juicing at home, then choose a healthy and chemical-free cold-pressed juice brand to reap the maximum benefits of cold-pressed juice. For those who don’t know, the cold-pressed technique is gentle on the fruits and veggies, thus is able to retain the nutrient value in the juices over regular juices.

Before trusting any juice brand, make sure it has -

  • High quality fresh fruits and veggies
  • Wide range of juice variants
  • IS free from artificial preservatives
  • Has a good taste, smell, pulp, and colour of the juice
  • As Social media presence Consumer feedback
  • Strict hygiene measures, especially during COVID-19
  • Contactless and cashless delivery options

Final Thoughts

Drinking power-packed juice in the morning is definitely one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself. However, keep in mind that juices are not a complete meal but rather a good and healthy part of your breakfast. So, don’t sacrifice breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day to get an instant energy boost and better mood. Trust me, once you start observing the good healthy changes by drinking juices in the morning, there is no going back.

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