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Vitamin B6 Rich Foods You Should Add in Your Winter Diet
Posted: February, 8, 2022
By: Rashi Chaudhary

Vitamin B6 Rich Foods You Should Add in Your Winter Diet

As the winter is in its full swing, the market is full of a variety of farm-fresh seasonal vegetables. We are sure you all know that eating a well-balanced diet is incredibly important to ensure that you are getting enough nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. Talking about the nutrients, today we are going to discuss about the specific nutrient called vitamin B6 aka Pyridoxine which plays a crucial role to keep your body moving along at its best. On the contrary, lack of vitamin B6 in the long term can lead to depression, skin inflammation, lower immunity, and even anemia.

Before getting straight into the article, We would like to introduce some amazing functions of vitamin B6 that will help you in maintaining overall health

  • It may reduce signs of depression
  • It helps to make you feel better
  • The main function of vitamin B6 is to convert nutrients into energy thus giving you a boost of energy which is incredibly important on these sluggish days of the year
  • It keeps the healthy functioning of the heart and brain
  • Keep blood sugar in normal range

Being a water-soluble vitamin, our body cannot store vitamin B6. For this reason, we need to eat a well-balanced diet enrich with vitamin B6 to get the surplus amount required to keep the healthy functioning of our body.

Here are some richest food sources that will help to meet your needs for vitamin B6:

1. Fruits

Banana Fruits

One of the simplest ways to get a surplus amount of vitamin B6 is through fruits. And, the delicious Banana and Avocado top the list to fulfill this purpose. Absolutely packed with nutrients, both of the fruits are excellent dietary sources of vitamin B6. You can add them in salads, smoothies or eat raw, both are easy to eat on the go fruits. If you are conscious of gaining weight, then eat avocado more.

Other than vitamin B6, Bananas provide various antioxidants and fibre whereas Avocado provide our body with dietary fibre and healthy fats. You can also have orange and cantaloupe because they also contain a considerable amount of vitamin B6.

2. Vegetables

refreshing and chemical-free Carrot juice

We love vegetables for their immense nutritional benefits. Apart from being loaded with many health benefits they are versatile and can be added to your regular diet in a variety of ways. And luckily, they are the best source of vitamin B6 too!

Carrots are a super-rich source of this important vitamin. You can eat them raw, cooked or in a form of refreshing and chemical-free Carrot juice to get the many benefits. Another great way to add this important nutrient to your diet is through Spinach, Green Peas, Potatoes, and Sweet Potatoes. These veggies are also bursting with vitamin B6 and can add a variety to your diet so that you won’t get bored of eating.

3. Legumes


Legumes are well known for being a good source of protein and dietary fibre but do you know they are a good source of this vitamin too? They are probably already part of your diet. You can easily maintain the daily dose of vitamin B6 by including legumes as a part of your daily diet

Legumes such as Chickpeas has the highest significant value of this vitamin. There are a variety of options when it comes to infusing Chickpeas in daily diet. Try it in salads, soups, veggies bowls or hummus, they always work.

4. Wholegrains


Wholegrains are super-packed with vitamin B6 along with dietary fibre and protein. Whole-wheat bread, whole-grain cereals, popcorn, wheat flour, oats are some of the many examples of wholegrains that boosts your good amount of vitamin B6. Here are some other nutritional benefits that you will get of eating wholegrains:

  • High in nutrients and fiber
  • Lower your risk of heart-disease
  • Reduce your risk of obesity
  • Promote digestion
  • Reduce the chances of stroke

5. Dry Fruits

Almond Dry Fruit

Dry fruits are loaded up with immense health benefits and are also considered a good source of vitamin B6. They taste delicious and are definitely healthy got-to snack to curb little hunger. While apricots, walnuts, and cashews are recommended to include in daily diet to increase the intake of vitamins, Pistachios are considered best among all having the highest quantity of vitamin B6. Eat a handful of pistachios and other nuts everyday to reap other health benefits while ensuring the daily dose of this vitamin

Final Thoughts

The best way to fulfill the requirement of nutrients that the body can’t store is through food. On that note, you should take a well-balanced diet to ensure that your body gets the daily dose of vitamins. Eating seasonally plays a big role to fulfil the requirement of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for the proper functioning of the system. So eat good, fresh, and in-season fruits and vegetables. If the tight daily routine makes it difficult to prepare food, then you can order home-style organic meals from OMKITCHEN. We are the leading tiffin and corporate catering service provider based in Delhi & NCR.

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