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Posted: 13 Feb 2023 By: Rashi Chaudhary

6 Tasty Recipes To Consume Beetroot In Everyday Diet

Whether you’re a Beet lover or not, this good-old ruby-red veggie should be a part of your regular diet. The wonder vegetable Beetroot has emerged to be a treasure in the array of vegetables because of its highly nutritious benefits to keep our health in check. While it may not be your first pick while picking groceries, it must not be missed out completely.

If you’re still wondering why we are asking you to incorporate Beets, allow us to enlighten you with some incredible benefits of eating Beetroot.

  • It has very few calories which makes it a perfect pick to accomplish weight loss goals
  • It helps out flush the chemical toxins from the body
  • It is high in fibre which aids in constipation
  • It gives a boost to the Immune system
  • It keeps skin nourished and hydrated, Thanks to Vitamin C
  • It promotes hair growth
  • Rich source of Iron, eating beets helps to prevent anemia
  • It potentially lowers blood pressure according to a study published by National Library Of Medicine

It’s good to see that many people are recognizing the importance of eating Beetroot. As people are becoming more health fanatics, they are coming up with different healthy, unique, and tasty ways to make beets a part of a balanced diet. And hoping onto the trend, we did a little research, tried many recipes, liked some, hated some, and then come up with our very own favourite simple beetroot recipes to eat these red little balls.

The Beet-infused recipes we are going to discuss are sweet, savoury, healthy, and definitely pleasing to the taste buds. Let’s get into the blog to find out!

1. Beetroot Juice

cold-pressed ABC juice

The ultimate refreshing, tasty, and easiest way to consume beets is by juicing them up. To double up the health benefits, combine beets with fresh and premium quality carrots and apples which are readily available during this time, and there you go! The Dream-team: Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot juice is ready. This is a miracle drink for detoxification and avail other advantages to stay fit and in shape.

If you’re not into juicing, try this natural cold-pressed ABC juice from OMJOOS. It is free from sugar, chemicals or preservatives and brimming with the goodness of everything that you need to meet your health goals. For the fitness enthusiasts out there, we bet this is going to be your go-to drink super soon. Order now in Delhi/NCR.

2. Beetroot Soup

Image source: splashoftaste.com

Comforting, delicious, and healthy, this Beetroot recipe has everything to win your heart. The best part is- it takes minimal effort and a few minutes to make this awesome Beetroot soup. All you need is to sauté onion and garlic paste in homemade ghee or butter and add chopped beets. When the beets start turning soft, add water and cover the lip to cook until 8-10 minutes.

Now, remove the cooked beet and put them in a blender to make a paste, and then mix it again in the same pan to give thickness to the soup. Add salt and pepper powder for taste. Use jaggery powder to replace sugar to remain on the healthier side. For those people who are on a weight loss journey, this soup makes an ultimate dish to relish. Serve it hot or cool as you like it for a healthy, hearty, and filling meal. You can also top it with cream to make it look eye-pleasing.

3. Beetroot Cutlet

Image source: salonyscookbook.com

This healthy beetroot recipe is an ultimate snack that kids will not get enough of. A lip-smacking fusion to your regular cutlets, Beet Cutlets are crispy from the outside and have a soft filling inside. They have a unique flavour overall. It just takes a few steps to make this simple beetroot recipe. Have a look at the steps given below:

  • Mash beetroot and potatoes
  • Add spices and mix
  • Give a shape and coat them in sooji
  • Pan–fry for a golden brown texture

Pair it with homemade mint chutney that makes it irresistible. You can also pair them with roti to make a roll or wrap. Either way, it tastes so good.

4. Beetroot Parantha

Image source: nmamilife.com

It may sound weird, but the addition of beetroot in parantha makes a delicious twist to the usual paranthas. Take some freshly grated beetroot to your atta and make dough. The best part is- it is PINK in colour. Trust us, kids are going to love this! Serve it hot with curd and pickle for the best experience. Undoubtedly, it is a great idea to make your kids eat beetroot and fully enjoy the taste. It also makes a great option for lunch box. You can also make poori out of it and have it with aloo ki sabzi, tastes so yum.

5. Beetroot Pickle

Image source: secretindianrecipe.com

The tangy and sweet flavour of Beet Achaar is so divine that makes your overall meal experience oh-so-fine. Not going to lie, this simple beetroot recipe as a side dish is a great addition to your meals. Moreover, it's super easy to make. Just soak the chopped beetroot pieces in vinegar along with salt and some spices to add flavour. Marinate it for a week and there you go! The classic accompaniment to Beetroot rice, biryani, or parantha is ready.

Pro Tip: Make small batches to avoid keeping the pickles for too long as the taste may differ with time. You can also use apple cider vinegar to increase its nutritional value.

6. Beetroot Raita

Image source: archanaskitchen.com

This delicious, beautiful-looking, slightly sweet, and super healthy raita is a good change to the regular raita and obviously a new mouth-watering way to consume beets. We all know that curd is an essential part of the meal because it brings freshness and enhances the experience of the overall meal. Combine it with some fresh grated beets and a mix of spices, oh-so-refreshing “Beetroot or Chakunder Raita” is ready in a jiffy.

This beetroot recipe looks so vibrant and visually appealing that you couldn’t resist to try it. Serve it with rice, roti or as a side dish to enjoy a heavenly meal. The best part is, it’s so filling that you can also have it for snacking to curb your hunger. 

Final Thoughts

Mostly taste of the vegetable affects our dietary choices over the nutritional benefits. This eventually results in a lack of important vitamins and minerals in our diet. Despite being aware of all the health benefits, we tend to avoid the nutritious property over taste. We want you to understand that besides taste, quality and health properties of vegetables should be taken equal care of to eat a balanced diet. If you get sick of eating the usual Ghiya, Loki, and Tinda, just find out some yummy ways like we discussed above for Beets, so that you get the maximum benefits without compromising on your health goals. That’s it.

Don’t forget to let us know how you enjoy Beetroot by commenting below!

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