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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Watermelon
Posted: May, 7, 2018
By: Rashi Chaudhary

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Watermelon

Summer is at its peak, the sun is raging and temperatures keep on climbing. In other words, it’s hot and we’re looking for ways to cool down. Thankfully, nature has provided us with some tasty, water-filled fruits whose consumption not only keeps our bodies cool but also comes along with a large number of health benefits that’ll make any doctor happy.

For example, consider the watermelon, whose name literally has ‘water’ in it. A summer staple since summer staples began, watermelons are many a child’s favorite fruit. They’re incredibly juicy, sweet and, best of all, are VERY good for your health. How good? Take a look at the following health benefits of watermelons to find out.

1. They Look Out for Your Heart

Many things in the world can break your heart, but watermelons do everything they can to keep it healthy. In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Hypertension shows that watermelon extracts help lower blood pressure and reduce hypertension in obese adults.

Additionally, watermelons have also shown amazing results in reducing aortic stiffness in older, postmenopausal women, and go the extra mile by further reducing heart-related complications.

2. They Keep You Hydrated

Watermelon is filled with 92% water and its juice is absolutely loaded with electrolytes and nutrients your body very much needs. As a fruit that’s extremely hydrated, it works to keep your body’s water requirements during the summer in check, and apart from all the water you’ll get by enjoying a good watermelon, you also get some fiber in the bargain, which makes you feel fuller for longer.

3. They Keep Your Skin and Hair Looking Good

Because watermelons have a fairly good amount of vitamins A and C, both of which are renowned for their beauty benefits, your skin and hair will thank you every time you take a bite. Let’s take a closer look:

Vitamin A
Vitamin A boosts new skin cells production and growth, it is helpful in keeping the skin looking young, feeling firm and staying healthy.

Vitamin C
The antioxidant properties of vitamin C reduce the effects of aging, are essential for collagen production and neutralize free radicals.

Apart from these two vitamins, watermelons also have properties that protect the skin from sunburn.

4. They Prevent Cancer

It has been proven that lycopene is very effective in preventing and reducing different types of cancers, such as prostate, lung and stomach cancer. As it happens to be, watermelon is a rich source of lycopene, more so than any other fresh fruits or vegetables, and will be a great help in the fight against cancer.

5. They Improve Athletic Performance

Watermelon juice is considered a must for athletes who want to improve their athletic performance. Why? Because it’s a rich source of amino acids, citrulline and arginine, which help improve blood circulation and allow athletes to perform better during intense workouts. Watermelons are even helpful in reducing next-day muscle soreness, speed-up recovery after workouts, and maintain an optimal heart rate.

6. They’re a Must-Have for Pregnant Women

A watermelon’s nutrition is also very good for babies and mothers. For one, they work wonders in reducing morning sickness and heartburn that are common conditions during pregnancy. Second, having watermelon in its raw or juice form can also prevent third-trimester muscle cramps that are also common in pregnant women.

7. They Aid in Weight-loss

Because they’re so sweet, we may face some confusion on whether or not watermelons are good for weight loss. Thankfully for our waistlines, watermelon actually speeds up healthy weight-loss! The fruit has few calories, absolutely no fat, and contains lots of vitamins and minerals. And because they make you feel fuller for longer without adding any fat to the body, the chances that you’ll eat something unhealthy after eating a watermelon are greatly reduced. One more: watermelon juice is also good for boosting our metabolisms and increase weight-loss in a healthy way.

8. They’re a Sexual Health Enhancer

Can watermelon be compared to Viagra? Yes, yes it can. This is because watermelons are a rich source of an amino acid called citrulline, which is known for relaxing blood vessels and improving blood flow. In other words, it’s good for men who experience erectile dysfunction due to impaired blood flow within the penis. Consuming it in either its raw or juice form are both beneficial and have shown improvements on correcting mild erectile dysfunction in males.

9. They Improve Gum Health

Being a rich source of Vitamin C, watermelon can prevent problems like bleeding gums and gingivitis. It even kills bacteria in the mouth that later on lead to gum problems and infections.

10. They Improve Your Body’s Immunity

Finally, watermelons will keep you healthy by boosting your immune system. As we’ve covered before, they contain vitamins A and C, and additionally Vitamin B6, which strengthen our immunity, help the immune system build antibodies, and regulate our immune systems to keep our bodies safe from infections.

Final Thoughts

It’s a watermelon season and you have it to devour all of its health benefits. If you’re ever wondering if watermelon juice is healthy for you or not, rest assured knowing that the benefits of consuming it raw or as fresh watermelon juice are equally rewarding. This summer, make sure to carry a bottle of fresh watermelon juice at all times to stay healthy and hydrated.

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