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A Natural Product that Indian Mothers Can Give to their Children without Worrying
Posted: January, 23, 2020
By: Rashi Chaudhary

A Natural Product that Indian Mothers Can Give to their Children without Worrying

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.”

We can all relate to this statement; there’s nothing purer on this planet than a mother’s affection towards her child. She might be an office worker, self-employed, or a housewife, but taking care of her child will always remain as her topmost priority.

Every mother wants their child to stay healthy and protected from illnesses. As it happens to be, eating and drinking habits play a major role in sustaining one’s health and creating a shield against various diseases. Unfortunately, the addition of certain chemicals in the food and beverages we consume has made it quite difficult to provide essential nutrients to a child, which has made Indian mothers fret about their children’s health.

Before jumping straight into the article, let’s understand how food and drinks are deteriorated through artificial preservatives, additives, and adulterants.

What Is Adulteration?

Adulteration is the process of adding toxic chemicals that are similar to the original product into food or drinks to gain a profit. For example, it may be to increase the quantity, volume, size, or weight of the product and make more money, but in reality, they’re selling both a lower quantity and quality of the product. Food adulteration is actually considered a punishable crime in India under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954. Why? Because the addition of such unwanted substance makes the product impure and unsafe to consume.

The Impact of Adulterated Food and Beverages

Impact of Adulterated Food and Beverages

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Additives and adulterants lower the quality and grade of the food and beverages we consume. Listed below are a few of the many health hazards for children associated with consuming such things:

  • It leads to nutrition deficiencies in the body because of poor nutritional quality
  • It increases the risk of obesity since it has the presence of fatty acids, particularly in processed food
  • It also leads to hyperactive behaviour in young children
  • The consumption of such unhealthy products also causes food poisoning and stomach discomfort
  • It makes them habitual to drink other unhealthy drinks that have negative side effects on the body
  • Too much sugar in the products is also associated with dental cavities among children

Because of our busy lives, we are more likely to become dependent on ready to eat or drink items that mainly consist of a little or a lot of artificial preservatives. Additionally, false claims made by brands have raised a lot of confusion to determine the authenticity of a brand.

In order to eradicate the current problems in the food and beverage market, and to provide mothers with a product they can give to their children without worrying, OMJOOS has begun its social drive of encouraging people to adopt a healthy regime and sip on a high quality product through its wide range of fresh, healthy, and chemical-free cold-pressed juices.

Getting Started

The children’s fruit juice market is one of the largest markets for fruit drinks, but sadly not every juice is as healthy as it claims to be. Let’s see why this is:

Packaged Juice

Packaged juice is merely sugary water that is extremely unhealthy for the body. They are mostly made up of poor quality fruits and veggies coupled with the presence of artificial preservatives and additives that lowers their nutritional value, making them unsafe to consume.

Centrifugal or Regular Juice

Centrifugal juice is comparatively healthier than packed ones, but the process used to extract the juice generates a lot of heat and noise and is a bit harsh on the produce, which damages the delicate live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

There are several other factors that make it difficult for mothers to fulfill the nutritional requirements of their child. Take a look at some of them below:

  • For most the workaholic mothers, it’s difficult to take out the time to juice
  • Fruits and veggies are not always easily accessible, acting as a barrier in the juicing process
  • The quality of produce in every purchase can’t be ensured
  • The juicing process takes quite a lot of time if you do it properly, as it cleaning the juicer, peeling the produce, removing seeds, etc.


A kid with OMJOOS bottle in hand

OMJOOS, on the other hand, is serving fresh, chemical-free, and 100% natural cold-pressed juice in Delhi/NCR. The cold-pressed technology used to prepare the juice is gentle on fruits and veggies and maintains cold-temperatures, thus retaining the health value and nutrients of the juice. In this way, OMJOOS is a true alternative of consuming fresh fruits and veggies, and uses a better method than centrifugal juicing to extract the juicy goodness.

OMJOOS Bottles Shopping

Let’s take a quick look at some of the many benefits OMJOOS cold-pressed juice provides for your children’s health:

  • It provides crucial enzymes that are essential for the proper functioning of the body
  • It’s a good source of energy and an immunity booster for young children
  • It’s an effective way to include healthy and fresh fruits/veggies into your child’s regular diet, especially if they usually don’t like to eat them anyway
  • The presence of fiber helps improve their digestion
  • The absence of any added sugar makes OMJOOS the best cold-pressed juice in town

The Process

Now that we know the benefits, let’s focus on the process of how high quality produce is sourced from different parts of the world and, through a partnership with local farmers, is prepared into OMJOOS signature cold-pressed juice.

Keeping the freshness and taste intact, OMJOOS juice is prepared a few hours before the delivery is due. The juice is available in varied “individual” or “mixed” variants, and is packed in a 275ml food-grade glass bottle that is absolutely reusable. Freshness and taste is the main priority at OMJOOS, which is why the juice is packed in an insulated container with dry ice during delivery.

The cold-pressed juice might be a little more expensive than regular juice, but don’t you think it’s a smart choice to spend a little more money now and consume a glass of juice loaded with health benefits than to pay down the line with your health? For complete transparency, here’s exactly why cold-pressed juice is more expensive:

  • The machines used to make cold-pressed juice are two to three times more expensive than centrifugal juicers
  • The juicing process is slow, which means more effort is required
  • It’s more nutritious than regular centrifugal juice and doesn’t include additives to increase its volume
  • Less juice is extracted from cold-pressed juicing because of slow pressing
  • Cold-pressed juice has higher fiber and vitamin levels than centrifugal juice
  • Much more effort is required to source high quality produce from local and international markets because the end product is a premium juice

Final Thoughts

The unconditional love and care that a mother feels for her child is inexplicable. At OMJOOS, we are trying our best to provide the same love and care for your children through our freshly pressed juices so they remain happy, healthy, and protected from illnesses. Always, and in all ways.

The best part is that you can get it delivered right at your doorstep by just becoming a member or placing an order at, or by giving us a call at +919999060475. However, it is recommended to discuss any dietary changes with your child’s dietician before making any modulations.

Kudos to all the mothers out there from the entire team at OMJOOS!

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